Sunday, May 8, 2016

Nitro Cellulose Morons


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I really did not have anything to write about to fill this space which interested me almost a month ago, until I was looking for books to download and came across a Turkish shotgun manual, which led me to another site where this comment by a moron was posted:

look at me. repeat. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HIT MULTIPLE TARGETS WITH THE SAME SHOT AT HOME DEFENSE DISTANCES. never. ever. and shotguns are not all that forgiving when it comes to hits and misses. expect your pattern to be about as big as your fist, and once you're out where the spread is getting big, DO NOT expect it to drop a man in one shot...or even slow him down if he's wearing a heavy coat.....this is a great article if you were trying to perpetuate a bunch of shotgun myths that have been long debunked. shotguns are an excellent choice of weapon, but i kind of doubt the author of this article actually shoots them...

The article was about building a survival shotgun and the insulting moron above was lecturing as if he actually knew something about shotguns and rifles.

The fact is no weapons whether knife or firearm is forgiving in hits or misses. There is a danger zone in any weapon that an assailant can breach and actually make the weapon you have something to leverage against you, as your weapon is too long.

I am though going to address some facts above as they do require addressing.

I promise, you hit anyone with OO buckshot in a partial or full load, they are going to stop thinking about you, due to the dynamics of big bore reality.

There are two missing elements the above always expert knows nothing of, because he is a moron. I will address both.

The first is the "heavy coat" which is ridiculous, because we are shooting pellets that are ball bearing size. The second is the reality of a bean bag shotgun, in there is force behind any shot charge which hits an object as a "punch".
I have experienced this in shotguns and noted Professional Hunter, Peter Capstick did, in Africa. He stated that tick birds on cape buffalo would be found dead on the ground after they had shot the large bovines, due to transfer of shock energy from the bullet to the bird sitting on top of the buffalo. Think of it like the child's game of crack the whip in the kid on the end getting the full force of the line of children running.
I once shot a fox and was saddened, when I walked over, that a robin which was 6 feet above the fox in a tree branch, rolled out and was dead. This was from the muzzle blast which carried 15 yards in a concussion wave, much like high explosive shells in World War II would kill families in houses sitting at tables,  freezing them in place.

The second dynamic is lead pellets. There is an interesting principle in steel pellets and lead. Steel will shoot through a bird while lead will remain in a bird, using the same energy, speed and projectile size. The difference is as my brother pointed out in examining shot, is that lead for it's own particularities will roll up feathers around each shot, and pull them into the body cavity, creating a thorough transfer of energy.

Now combine someone with a heavy coat, being shot with ball bearing size projectiles, and you have 3 Newtonian principles at work. There is the muzzle blast shockwave which is displacing the air like a 1000 pound punch, which causes concussions or will kill by knocking the life out of the object.
The second reality is the lead shot which transfers energy
The third reality is that lead has organic material which wraps around it, and increased the lethality of each projectile.

No one is ever going to in a defensive situation, ever start blasting at assailants which are beyond the fist size to plate size kill zone, which would be 20 to 50 yards, as 60 feet is longer than most people's homes, and opening up on people at those distances, even a neophyte would be curbed in realizing this would look like murder to a jury.

The article does breach that subject of long distance shooting, but again the article was about building the ultimate defense shotgun, and in that, if someone used a shotgun without bore, in a gunsmith cut the barrel to over 18 inches as that is the law, then it would be as Col. Charles Askins noted in his Sheriff quail hunting partner in the best quail gun he ever had was a Model 12 Winchester which the end blew off, which was trimmed down, and it had no bore, but spread 8 shot like dust in the wind.
So it is possible with open choke, selective loads, to produce flier patterns which would be dish sink size in buckshot loadings at room distances. In a world of 50 50 chances, hard plated lead shot could also at closer distances shoot through the first target and enter the second target. Not reliable to be counted upon, but it is possible, along with the reality that this would be more like a puncture wound and would not be a stopper shot, no more than stabbing someone with a nail would flatten them.

All trench warfare combat experience points to the 12 gauge shotgun, short barrel, an ivory site for low light conditions, as the ultimate tool for survival. It is why everyone with experience in killing people and animals, trend toward the shotgun for it's big concussion lethality. This lethal nature is not short distance alone, as I once made a remarkable shot on a pheasant at 50 yards which 3 other hunters had all missed, in I stoned it with one shot.
Upon cleaning this bird, there was not a shot in the body or head. The concussion even at that range had killed it. That is one of the lethalities overlooked by novices or the always experts as they rarely are killing enough people to see the effects of concussion knocking the life out of living organisms.

Never, ever is a very long time, and in head shots of grouped assailants it is more likely than not that some scared female homeowner shooting at one criminal, knocks down to her surprise and ends up telling the police looking at her one spent shell, :"I only fired once".

That reality happens more often than not in self defense, warcraft and hunting.

Until anyone has been around at least 100 dead humans in war or self defense, they have absolutely no understanding in speaking of shotgun effect, as the always experts never take into account blast effect, the dynamics of pellets with organic material and how shotguns NEVER throw the same pattern ratio twice.

Heavy coats stop shotgun pellets. It must be why the military issues Mackinaw jackets for flack jackets.

Nuff Said.