Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Cruz Waahhhmbulance

 No one will remember Ted Cruz or John Kasich in 5 Years

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a fact in this, that the GOPliters who put forward the failure of Ted Cruz, are now putting on an interesting show, handing out Green Kook Aid to the Cruzlings, like Jim Jones, in telling them all to commit political suicide.

For the reality of this, we have three versions of Jim Jones appearing:

Version 1 is John Hawkins of Right Wing News, acting all high and mighty, predicting that the sky will be falling from Donald Trump..........same sky we were  told in Trump was only in it for publicity, would quit, was only a 25 point ceiling, then a 30 point ceiling, then a 40 point ceiling, then he could not win the nomination.......and now of course that he can not win the election.

Version 2 is Bill Krystol of the Weekly Standard, who is seizing upon the Rafael Cruz sr. was handing out fliers with Lee Harvey Oswald, in Mr. Trump bringing up a story which does have experts stating the photo of Cruz and Oswald matches Cruz, that Wayne Madsen who broke this story has been right about Obama and Marco Rubio, and now something which is rejected by the Mockingbird in Reverse Speech had Ted Cruz yesterday, stating that his father was involved in the assassination in some way.

Version 3 is Rush Limbaugh whining about how great of guy Ted Cruz is, and that Conservatism is dead now, because apparently there is not another cucker on the planet to pass the Hawkins, Krystol and Limbaugh racist litmus test.

I honestly want to be done with Ted Cruz, but this is the gambit that the GOPliter racists are choosing to prosecute the election of Hillary Clinton, and as it is a losing scenario, I am pleased to expose these cuckservative racists, bigots and anti Americans.

I will have the reality of tomorrow in why Ted Cruz really stopped his illegal campaign, but was busy today in errands and checking fence all afternoon, so it is going into production tonight as I relax. But the fact is, that we are witnessing the death of the cuckservative and not the Conservative.

You are witnessing exactly what Ted Cruz thought of everyone, as he ran for the woods, and abandoned his followers, did not let Jeb Bush know the plan, and left Limbaugh and Levin hang out  to dry in a major "piss on you".

I am warning the Cruz supporters again, as I warned you last night when all of this broke. You have got to get back to Jesus, use your anger to good use in venting it against Hillary and Bernie legally, I repeat LEGALLY in posting about them online in discussions, and not fall further prey to Ted Cruz failing you, by having Hawkins, Limbaugh and Krystol tell you to jump over the edge of the cliff in political suicide.
Each of you Cruz voters existed before all of this Ted Cruz. Most of you were around with me at the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, before Cruz trashed her. You  still have your Conservative beliefs, and I hope you are aware that you have National and Populist beliefs too, because that is what Ronald Reagan Conservatisim is.

Conservatism has stagnated deliberately under Limbaugh. Just think of what was hijacked from Ronald Reagan in GOP Congress doing nothing, to George HW and W Bush being big taxers, big spenders and big nation builders in Muslim lands, dragging more terrorists back to America, and setting the stage for Obama to steal the White House for 8 years. None of that was Conservative or Reagan, and that is what Donald Trump is against.

Every one of you Cruz voters were wrong. You had your trust hijacked by someone who was nuts, literally. Ted Cruz was no more Conservative than Hillary Clinton. They are both the same social order though, promoting the same agenda.
I am not here to dig up the Cruz political corpse. He is dead and gone. He will not be back in 8 years as he is not Nixon or Reagan, and will be as gone as Dan Quayle, as Ted Cruz loves one thing and it is not Heidi or America.
Odds are Heidi Cruz will be shopping a new husband soon enough as she is not going to stick around with that Cruz name in her Goldman Sachs career to plunder the world.

I am telling you Cruz supporters to not take another step further trusting Ted Cruz or these paid MOG's like Limbaugh, Hawkins and Krystol, who were wrong about all of this, are looking to keep you from the political process in depressing you further to political suicide. You Cruz boogers are honestly better than that, but you were like the good kid who got mixed up with the wrong crowd in school, and then next thing you know is your Christian parents were looking at you behind bars at the local jail, asking you how in the hell you were in a car with a bunch of pot heads who just ran over the mayor's kid?

It is up the Cruz supporters what they do now, individually. They are not some cookie cutter mob and being free from Cruz, I simply am going to stand up for them, so they are not made a prey of again by the billionaire mic heads who brought them to ruin.

There is always another tomorrow if you live to see it. You Cruz people, need to be back to being Tea Party people and whatever else you were in Christ and Constitution. You have about 5 months to sort this out and heal from it all.
I know that you would be just as rubbing my nose in it if Ted Cruz has won, so I am not going to do that to you, nor treat you that way. I am not going to let you get in cheap shots as you vent, because your anger belongs at Cruz and the Limbaugh cuckers who played you. Venting at Hillary and Bernie legally is a good therapy, until you decide what you are going to do.

I am telling you though that Donald Trump does not need you, and I state that not as a challenge or degradation. Mr. Trump is going to gain the Democratic blue collar voters. That is the reality, but it is also a reality in you have me as a Conservative Christian voice advocating for you, and I would rather have you tearing ass on liberals in the election, because Donald Trump is a man who remembers people who do a good deed for him.
The Right where Donald Trump is, is stronger with you and better for it. Your influence and your voice makes the Conservative polices of Donald Trump become more Conservative. You should realize that Donald Trump is already going the way you are, and I told all of you from the beginning of this, that Donald Trump is the only horse who we can ride out of this abyss. He now is literally the only Republican horse, so instead of being a GOPliter mindtard in listening to them, telling you to abandon your horse, get on the horse called Trump and get out of the abyss, win the race, and then gain the power you have been after since Ronald Reagan left office in defeating Hillary Clinton.

I am telling you Cruz voters to be ADULT and not the brats which Limbaugh is goading you to be. THINK!!!!

Want to know your best tomorrow? Make Donald Trump owe you as a Conservative. That means each of you Cruz supporters, contact the Trump campaign, tell them you were a Cruz supporter, and that you want to know what you can do as a Conservative, and when the campaign informs you what they could use as a volunteer, do it. It might be writing a letter to the editor or something else, but I am telling you, that you put your name down, you work for a campaign, and that campaign knows your name. So when Donald Trump is President, the staff has that list of names, and your concerns are weighed when it comes to a nomination.

That is how the political process is conducted. Most of you are now abandoned by your representatives, delegates and these mic fraud millionaires who would not know you from Adam. Ted Cruz is gone, and he has no idea who you are and could care less, as he cut and ran.
You do not have to love Donald Trump, but in your self interests as a Conservative, you become a voice in the Trump campaign, as all of your advocates have been stabbing Donald Trump in the back.

There are numbers in the GOPliter junta who wanted to tear the Republican party down and blame you for it a Cruz voter. They are now after the Trump majority to make an end to all of us, by the above onslaught of posts which are coming. I am telling you to not let them get away with it. Find  a way to victory with Donald Trump and then be the one who is part of the power structure where you found someone even more Conservative than Ted Cruz for Vice President with Mr. Trump, and in 2024, you will be voting for that person with all of the replacements for Limbaugh and Erickson, which you put into place, because your Conservatives were in power calling the shots in the Trump Administration, you helped landslide to victory in 2016.

Ted Cruz abandoning you means you are not dead. Your beliefs are not dead. Conservatism is not dead. It is alive in your brand of Conservative and that is the American Silent Majority.

Look I still want Representative Jamie Beutler of Washington as Vice President, but I am praying for God to lead Donald Trump for the best for the job, and that means Conservative in a Senator Jeff Sessions type. I just believe that with Hag Hillary, a pretty mother who is accomplished on her own merits would shine, as much as Rep. Beutler is the key legislative go to gal for the most powerful Republican woman in the House. She is young, and that female duo would pass all the legislation we need.
I am not going to tell Donald Trump what to do though. I prefer Jeff Sessions as Sec. of Defense with his assistant being Jim Webb or Jim Webb as Assistant Sec.of State.

This is where all of us in this taking America back movement have to begin thinking as we work together, right and left. Getting our best hard hitters and hard drives to be relentless in taking on this ilk who is trying to get us to commit political suicide or be bluffed into another HW Bush disaster.

As for John Kasich, he has shown political class for a fagsexual. I would advocate for him as head of Office of Management and Budget to get the numbers crunched to reign in the US Treasury.......and if Ron Paul would be part of a shadow cabinet over at Treasury with someone like Paul Craig Roberts securing that checkbook, we would have the semblance of the uniting of the entire Republican, Libertarian, Constitutional and Democratic Party of Reagan, which has been deliberately balkanized by Bush Fam.

None of this is Lame Cherry ultimatums, as God put Donald Trump in this position not me, and each of you have to remember that, including Ted Cruz supporters. Begin thinking of the best fits for offices, because it is something I am going to begin in a positive reinforcement in advocating what I will publish as TRUMP PAPERS in Inspired solutions for the Trump Presidency to consider to make America better for all of us.

If I am not distracted, I will publish the first in the next week, and I hope to continue on with a dozen such solutions for Americans, beyond the sexy stories, but things like Joe Kennedy accomplished in World War II in a sub department he was squirreled away in by FDR. We need to fix this entire civil servant disaster the Obama regime constructed and it is going to require all of us.

So no more dialing 911 for the Cruz  Waahmabulance to cry a river of tears for Limbaugh for you to drown yourselves in. Sulking is a luxury we do not have. Find something to win at to make yourselves validated again as Ted Cruz let you down, and stop listening to Limbaugh and Krystol telling you now to jump over the edge.

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