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The Cruz Priebus "Deal"

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This is a remedial reading of the matrix concerning information uncovered by Reverse Speech expert David John Oates, concerning the psychotic continuum which has become Ted Cruz, along with more admissions of "the deal" which Cruz, Priebus and now Fiorina all are speaking of.

I noted something in this disturbing onslaught of "blood" as Cruz now connects this to Donald Trump exclusively, including sucking Donald Trump's blood as a life source, in that Cruz and Priebus on separate reverses both refer to Donald Trump as "the wolf".

Conclusion is, that this is not coincidence, but these two colluders have heard this terminology and are in agreement. This reveals planning and lengthy discussions.

Without dragging this out, except for.....

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Now my children, inquiry to the matrix is pointing to not the cartel, nor a Sub Operational Group of HW Bush, but this resting in the billionaire donors, who have invested a fortune in Ted Cruz and are not pleased with the results. 

Ted Cruz Reversals

Cruz on Fiorina as VP: I RAPE.
Cruz on beating Donald Trump: MUCH BLOOD HE MAKE. (He is Cruz)
Cruz on Carly Fiorina nomination: MAKE ME KILL THE WOLF.(Wolf is figurative of Trump.)
Cruz on Donald Trump in cage match: I MAKE MUCH BLOOD TO SUCK.
Cruz on Donald Trump with Boehner: MUCH BLOOD
Cruz on calling Donald Trump sleazy: SEE BLOOD RUNNING DOWN.
Cruz on who Donald Trump supports: SEE BRIBERY CON
Cruz on votes in New York: WE DELIGHT IN PAIN.
Cruz on votes in Texas he received: WHAT'S THIS THE DEAL WAS SET. (Cruz made deal to steal the election from Donald Trump.)

The focal points in this are Ted Cruz and Reince Priebus who have failed completely. There is a great deal of pressure on these two, and the billionaires, because the reality is there is a list of felony crimes involved with the Cruz campaign, as those computer programs just did not flip votes for Cruz, and the threats and bribery to delegates just was not a wink and a nod, in powerful people are going to be indicted, and Cruz and Priebus are going to be the ones fed to the Justice Department first in order to try and save their billionaire selves.  

Reince Priebus

Priebus on elections: I'M A NEW ADOLF (Preibus is Hitler)
Priebus on having fun:  WOLF HE GET'S A GUN MY CATCH (Priebus is talking assassination)
Priebus on convention: NOW WE'LL DO IT DEAD 
Priebus on GOP activists: BAD THEY CARRY US.

Inquiry points to what Ted Cruz envisions in a great deal of blood being spilled. In tracking this, I could not at first lock onto what they were envisioning for Donald Trump, as Priebus spoke of a gun against the wolf, but it finally gelled on an accident.
This is coming from a former CIA  source who is whispering to the billionaires in how to handle this. The construct being spoken of, is the protests in Cleveland are going to be used as a cover. There will be a molotov cocktail attack upon Mr. Trump's vehicle. There will be measures at high speed to make this vehicle crash, but the matrix indicates someone in the car, who is security, not yet employed or on board with this, will take out Mr. Trump before the wreck.
This is standard flush and kill, as the world witnessed against LaVoy Finicum in Oregon.

Inquiry points to this happens on "day 3" before the nomination vote.

Inquiry states that those behind this, do not have the security routes or barricade positions for detailed planning, but when Cruz and Priebus are both speaking of the "wolf" and Priebus is looking for a weapon and Cruz is lusting for spilling volumes of blood, one is witnessing two creatures on the edge, who have now an agenda of covering up "the deal" for Ted Cruz to steal the election from Donald Trump.

In one of Cruz's reversals it was fascinating, as he is stunned in his expression. He is speaking of Texas, in the vote fraud there which is his power base, and it eludes to New York in being Donald Trump's power base. By what Cruz expresses, New York was supposed to be stolen from Donald Trump. New York was to be the ultimate pissing contest in like dogs, Ted Cruz was expecting to piss in Donald Trump's face, and take possession of that state, for Cruz glorying.
"The Deal" was supposed to construct that scenario, and Cruz is confused in why "the deal" has not delivered to him what was agreed to and promised.

This reversal of Ted Cruz exposes everything about in Ted Cruz being owned by these controlling interests in they were going to get everything they demanded like Warren Buffett sucked out of Obama. What is generating now though appears the logical construct in some very powerful people, who were told to fund Ted Cruz in order to put him on a leash, are now angry and backed into a corner, because crimes were committed to try and steal this nomination for Cruz, and these crimes are going to be prosecuted.

Priebus has had his hands dirty in this from the start. He spoke in reversals of paying off the women that Ted Cruz cheated with. He spoke of menacing in Wisconsin.  This delegate theft is coming directly from Priebus' "good offices" and that is why these Cruz trolls felt so secure to throw Governor Jan Brewer off the delegate list in Arizona, is because this is the GOPliters syndicate. Ted Cruz is mad, literally as in he is now psychotically insane by what he is fixated upon. Priebus is cold blooded nervous as very powerful people have colluded with him to steal this election in this "100 Days to Stop Trump" and there has been enough intrigue behind the scenes that the American People's votes are actually being counted.

Understand it this way in Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, might not know of all of the crimes, but they like Muslim terrorists agreed with the results. This has now come to a reality that the GOP elite are not going to go to prison for what they wanted done, and their hands are clean of, so they will indeed make scapegoats of the culprits involved in this.

This is what takes place in human psychology when individuals, like billionaires have association with absolute power, and begin to think they are powerful too. Like the lone nut, the cartel allows these rich people and their puppets to engage in things which are criminal to accomplish the results, but when it fails at times, the cartel is clean and these rich people and their puppets get hung out to dry.

In this unique case, someone who is former CIA is whispering solutions to these people who are unbalanced a final solution, and they are listening as their choices are trending toward murder now to cover up their crimes.

I have not asked specifically who the exact names are, but it is a short list on the Super Pac colluders for Cruz and at least one of them has a former CIA operative providing a scenario in how to clean all of this up with a high profile accident.

Cruz and Priebus are out of control. Cruz is psychotic and Priebus in reversals is linking himself on a first name basis with Adolf Hitler. The powerful people who are funding this have allowed some very high crimes to be engaged in, in election fraud, starting with Amanda Carpenter's lynching of black candidate Ben Carson in Iowa to the menacing of Wisconsin by Priebus, Cruz and Kasich.

“No one wants to lose,” Neugebauer told The Associated Press when asked why he and others bet big on Cruz. “We didn’t miss that an outsider would win. I think we’ve nailed it.”

Robert Mercer seems to have backed off in this as he has had Breitbart stop smearing Donald Trump, after that Michelle Fields criminal smear which was about hijacking Donald Trump's cell phone.

Toby Neugebauer after his first damning revelation quoted below in what the billionaires for Cruz expect, has now backed off completely in stating #neverTrump is insane, and that he will vote for Donald Trump.

My reason for inquiry into the matrix is to avoid the hot summer of 1963 in a series of assassination attempts upon John Kennedy which ended in Dallas, where numbers of establishment types with interests, all got their hands dirty while those behind the assassination were never mentioned except in reversals found years later.

Mr. Trump has had several "warnings" to stop him in assassination drills. What is in construct now is a group of people who thought they could play in the big leagues are now facing investigations which will bring their ruin.

My purpose is for good in stopping this at source. Reason states, admit to it, pay your fines, and throw Cruz under the bus with Priebus, as they will take  it in order to save themselves, along with some other compnerd patsy. It makes it more difficult to complete operations, when the public becomes aware of accidents waiting to be carried out.

I do suspect the individual whispering solutions is working an angle for who they really serve. I have not inquired, but that is the feel of it.

Reince Priebus which has always been the case in his reversals, is the one who is the lynch pin in this in exposing situations, as in speaking of the Cleveland Convention, his reversal of Now we'll do it dead, is the first clue in this of what upon inquiry the matrix now is pointing to.

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