Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Failure of #Never Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

CBS: Why #NeverTrump failed...

I did not read CBS's article as it does not matter, as they were wrong.

The reason #NeverTrump failed are several in when the people stand on the side of God, as God rose up Donald Trump for this time, no one can defeat them.

The reason #NeverTrump failed, is in part that the 1% could not overcome the 99% of Americans backing Donald Trump in the Ted Cruz cult intrigue of high finance.

The reason #Never Trump failed, is

Read my lips, no new taxes. George H. W. Bush

I did not have sex with that woman. Bill Clinton.

What would Jesus do. George W. Bush.

My British citizenship expired. Barack Hussein Obama.

When you have a group of liars, who betrayed their followers on the left and right, are rapists, pedophiles, apostates, traitors and engaged in the genocide of Americans.............THERE IS NOTHING THE PROPAGANDA PRESS can manufacture to attack Donald Trump with, because the people have been so emotionally raped and psychologically abused, that Donald Trump being an American is not going to faze Americans.

No one is going to vote for Bernie Sanders who wrote about raping women. No one is going to vote for the sex pervert Hillary Clinton. No one is going to engage in intrigue so the Ted Cruz cult or the Jeb Bush priesthood can molest all of us again.

That is why #NeverTrump failed, because  it was front loaded with perverts Americans detest, and it was backloaded with shrill vitriol paid for by billionaire oligarchs who have old men shot down in Oregon in LaVoy Finicum.

That is why the Alternate Right is rising, because like the Alternate Left, Americans want their country back, want their lives back, and want to get up for a series of days where we are not the new Edward Snowden being spied on in our baths by the NSA.

These were traitors to America behind this. The oligarchs for Cruz thought they could manufacture that foreign fraud on Americans, but God had other realities in Donald Trump being moved to His purpose, to give America a chance to condemn itself or show God that all Americans are not degenerates.

That is why #NeverTrump failed and has become the Anticipated President, Donald Trump, of these United States of America.