Thursday, May 19, 2016

The False Police Report of Julia Ioffe

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Perhaps you have read of the propagandist Julia Ioffe who wrote a smear piece on Melania Trump, and then some mysterious posts appeared on her Twitter account, like the mysterious bruises on Michelle Fields arm when Corey Lewandowski never grabbed her things like internment camp leftists in Germany with her head on them, someone with some kind of shooting the back of the head, and something about anti semite attacks.........when Ioffe is not a Judahite, meaning a descendant of SHEM, but is instead a descendant of Japheth in being  an Asian Ashkenaz as a convert Jew, could never suffer a semite attack nor more than a racial attack for being black.

In any event, some James Kirchick built an entire smear on the Alternative Right aka Ricky Vaughn, on this police report filed in DC, when the DC police have no evidence, that this could have been Ioffe being sent hate mail from Lawrence O'Donnell.


Oh yes, Julia Ioffe when it comes to liberal white males, who pork black chics, verbally assault and threaten them before an audience of witnesses, she actually likes the rough treatment and there are absolutely no police reports filed.

Lawrence O'Donnell yells at super hot foreign policy expert ...

Lawrence O'Donnell yells at super hot foreign policy expert Julia Ioffe madihah hadeen. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 273 273. ... Need to report the video?

What kind of propagandist is Julia Ioffe?

Well let us read her posts?

3h3 hours ago
Bernie & co say they give zero fucks about derailing Clinton, are charging forward to California.
10 retweets 16 likes

Yes, someone employed by a premier left wing magazine, posts the word FUCK about Bernie Sanders voters. Not professional in the least and she should be fired for that.

Then we have this tweet about Jews, making satire about Adolf Hitler. One would think a "Jew" would take it a bit more serious in numbers of Jews perishing in forced labor camps when the allies bombed all the food supply, or at least Ioffe for her own kind, would have been a bit more respectful of Marxist "Jews" being shot in Slavic lands for being such butchers of the local Slavs, but Adolf Hitler is a joke base line.

Yes Adolf Hitler puns are a conversation filler among liberals.

May 17
I find that I often have to say "He's not Hitler" of people who are not accused of being Hitler. Just conversational filler, really.

And violence? Here is an Ioffe post which gives the impression that attempted  murder on a man, by stabbing him in the face, is something more comedic to make jokes about on Twitter.

  May 17
Turns out, you can do time for stabbing a man in the face with the stem of a margarita glass.

In these examples of Julia Ioffe, she looks like Michelle Fields, in trying to gain some exposure in attaching herself to Trump 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, and her group is focused upon smearing the Alt Right, because they are just getting too influential.

There is a pattern in this, in Matt Walsh, another oligarch paid stooge, has been busy trying to incite violence, even in his race hatred of the White Niggers, in mirror image of Julia Ioffe, was waving around a shotgun looking to start a fight. With Ioffe, she just writes about the amusement of getting caught for stabbing men in the face with glass.

Why was not a police report filed on Lawrence O'Donnell by Ms. Ioffe? Why is the Alt Right being smeared in this? Why is the reality of the profanity and violence of Julia Ioffe not an issue in this, because her hit piece on Melania Trump is now one on Jewish Bernie Sanders voters.........but then it is all funny as we include it is not like Hitler.

The  DC police need to investigate Julia Ioffe as the evidence of her actions the past few days is disturbing in what she finds amusing and how this has been guided to smear people on the right, who had nothing to do with the mysterious bruising posts on her page.

Julia Ioffe in all of this can not resist though taking another shot at Melania Trump.

But this is what demands a DC police report as a threat.

Американская журналистка русско ...

Her response does not show any kind of fear. She simply is enjoying the attention.