Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Foundation of Zuckerberg Heritage

Jim DeMint

Dear Mr. DeMint,

I sincerely mean this respectfully sir, but upon reading your published response to your meeting with Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, it is clear in a plus minus world, that you are either a flatworld ignoramus, missing Ronald Reagan thinking out of the box, or you are a paid shill like Glenn Beck and part of the problem.

As a blogger who has been assaulted and terrorized by the Facebook machine, I was stunned by your giving ground by this statement concerning Facebook:

I made it clear that Facebook has every right to be as biased as it wants to be as a private company,

You made it clear? And Mr. DeMint, who made you Moses of the Internet in handing down decrees on Facebook as if it is some corporation like Coca Cola that which it says as a private company it has right to? For your understanding, Facebook is not in the least private. It is a public platform which feeds off of the public interest, and entities which are indeed monitored by the FCC. Furthermore, Facebook is an entity which uses programs to entice, and addict groups of people in order to keep them clicking on that platform, and uses that platform to condition millions of people to leftist propaganda.

Facebook does not operate in a corporate vacuum. If it was in Pyongyang it would be monitored by the CIA as a threat to America. If Facebook was in the Malheur Refuge, it would now be under federal indictment with Ammon Bundy. Facebook is not private. It is a sophisticated program meant to trigger specific responses. People have committed suicide when denied use of Facebook. That is not the least private. That is criminal.

You Sir, are a disappointment to those who look to Heritage Foundation to accomplish something positive, instead of giving ground to the greatest threat to America. Your fiction of "using another platform" is worthless, because there is not another platform of this type, and users have been so conditioned that they keep clicking that Zuckerberg link.

Sincerely Mr. DeMint, you have no solutions and did nothing but reinforce the problem. As you are in need of input to realign your thinking from a dinosaur era, then use your mouse and immerse yourself in the fringe media, as Mark Zuckerberg invited those who would rubber stamp his psychological molestation of the masses, and you provided the ink.

Sincerely, Lame Cherry

Hopefully the spelling mistakes will reveal what they will chew on.