Sunday, May 22, 2016

Adventures in Catharsis

The "Could I Pass One Day" Thread - Part 2

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not writing this to complain, but to express the reality of we go through the same things as each of you. This blog as of late has become a burden and the enjoyment has ceased. It is at times like this though, that one stands upon duty and honor, as that is all the human dignity has, to do your duty and exist in an honorable way, without becoming a snarling animal, adding to the problem.

I am going to tell you a bit about myself which I do not like doing, because there is always more bed fuzz who drool over information like this and catalogue it to exploit it against me, as they deem it weakness.

Two weeks ago, we were out doing chores and I looked up and there standing in our yard, talking to Mom was TL's sister and mum. I said something stupid to fill the space of, "What the f*ck are your sister and mum doing here?"

Off went TL to investigate, while I finished chores and gave a vaccination to a sick kitty. I did this as fury was building inside of me in all the old scab wounds were being picked off, and it was just wonderful to be hostage on my own place, as I would of told them to get the hell off the place.

To give you some examples of the mum and the sister. When I was with TL in the metro, I would ride along when TL was constantly summoned to run errands for these people, because the metro is a dangerous place and it was my vehicle being used constantly.

For this the mum was furious that "LC was always along". Added to the issue that I had little time with TL for the work TL was engaged in, I was making every moment count as was TL.

Into this, it was made known that I could not just show up, as the proper thing was to call first.........yes and here these two were at our home, without any call as of course there are different rules when it comes to the ..........whatever they think of themselves.

One night TL could not get in contact with the mum, so in winter, after hours, in the snow, we had to go over and check on the mum. Of course the sister could not drive over, and we had to go out of the way to pick the sister up, who was chattering on, happy that something might have happened, as the sister dislikes the father intently.
When we got there, the mum was asleep on the couch and had misplaced her phone.....and I got glared at and bitched at for being there behind my back........oh and we almost got killed in a car wreck......oh and when we were dropping off the sister, we got our asses chewed by the sister in being told she supported our engagement and mad she had not been informed first.
Same sister who hauled TL out on Christmas eve to a dance club and tried to break us up.
I was then accused of being angry with the sister as I would not say anything, as that is what she wanted was a fight. I will not be baited, and all I wanted was this woman gone and out of my car, because I am not joined at the hip with that.

There are more stories, but that pretty sick gives you an idea of what these people are, after I rebuilt their dock for them and the old man took credit for it and hauled TL over there to redo their bathroom........again no thanks.......oh but I was offered to be hauled to a "farm museum" as a repayment, as everyone knows that people who live in rural areas, just want to look at hoes and shovels on a hot summer day, just like Niggers like looking at cotton, fried chicken and watermelons.

That morning TL had lit into me about something, so I knew something was up. See the mum has an ability to send a rage wave or demons when she is pissed off which is constantly over her life, so the sign was there, but I did not think those people would drive two days to get here uninvited and without directions.

So what was this visit about?

Let me explain this.

When TL and I got together, the sister went nuts in competition, looking for a husband online. All the males figured out she was a game player and dumped her. So after we were engaged the sister appeared at her college homecoming and latched onto another looker for a spouse, who is located in a different region of the country from TL's sister, and that is what this is about from the older sister visiting in she was engaged since October of last year.

We are going to play a game now and you get to be Lame Cherry in deducing something in the information provided and you can reach your conclusion on logic.

The sister is engaged to a thirty something white male, who graduated with a business and bible degree, but is employed as a flight attendant in serving US military around the world. Neither the sister nor flight attendant wanted a wedding, but the mama-in-law wanted one so there will be a wedding being planned by the mama.
The flight attendant moved back home to be with the mama down south. Added to this, the sister of TL has gained like 30 pounds since the engagement.
The flight attendant is home only 11 days a month and the sister works 12-16 hr shifts and is never home.

Now if you need hints in this, I will ask two questions:

Question 1: Do you think these two want to be married, or are thirty something and just latched onto whatever would not run away?

Question 2: What sexual orientation do you think the flight attendant is?

Maybe why he wants a frumpy woman, who is never going to be home, is because he does not want to be around a woman as he likes being around Village People shaved head males in uniform?

Yes the flight attendant is the best girlfriend ever to the mum of TL's sister......texts her a great deal.

Any way, the reason for the visit was to try and guilt TL to going to the wedding....oh and of course Mom and I were included in the royal command from the sister. That is why they appeared, and it goes to the heart of the Dixie matter as flight attendant has a big Southern family..........the sister speaks of "valuing" him and nothing about love.
So we are to appear to fill pews, because the mum is attempting to blackmail some of her kindred by paying for airline tickets to fly them in for the wedding from out of the country.

I did get a note written from the sister though about liking our place. The note was not about being cordial, but about the sister thinking she could manipulate the agrarian I am with a few choice words. I loathe manipulators like I do liars, because it is always people who think they are more intelligent than others and never contemplate their juvenile tricks are not detected.

It should be added, that we have decided we are not going to attend this train wreck, which would take 5 days round trip, to be used as a faux display of the happy family and then be tossed to the shit pile again.

When they are told NO, that is when the real side of them will come out again.

TL informs me that the wedding will be Southernness of course in mama running the entire event, but with 4 of TL's family there being glared at, it will be TL's father who will repeat his performances of before, as he detests not being the center of attention, and will act out as a child to gain attention to be an ass again. I think the last performance was throwing water in TL's face in a cafe......or was it at the sister's medical school graduation his speaking about his master's degree in physics placed him so much higher than a doctorate, which it was not, and how he should have wore his whatever around his neck to signify how honored he was.

With this bunch it does not take long for mice to eat my corn supply or our animals to end up dead or run off. Yes one of TL's cats died, another two got sick, and two ran off, and one has not come back yet.....all from one visitation from the brooding dark cloud of these people and me waking up for several days agitated in this wave of fury the mum produces.

This time the new twist is TL informed them that things are good with the blog, so now there is a repressive wave on me that I do not like writing this blog, and now it is duty and honor bringing these posts, as it is a matter of fighting this off in Christ.

That marriage is a disaster in the making. The flight attendant and the sister have not been around each other at all, and will not be around each other after, because that is the way they want it.
Oh and while I am beneath them, the Dixie fam is the "salt of the earth", and while I am "cold" after being treated with contempt, the flight attendant is "warm" and hugging all the time...............I have a word for it and it is called fag.
I make it sister will lay down the rules, be hauled to redneck festivities she hates on all the holidays, and after 2.0 kids, which the sitter will raise, that flight attendant will be off catching HIV if he does not already have it, and sister will be paying alimony.

Yeah sister dated a submissive male in college who liked wearing women's jewelry at home, and now she has a flight attendant........yeah the reason the fam likes the flight attendant is he is beta and not alpha and they think they have someone on the leash, but all betas get tired of being mistreated and go off and find new masters.

Any normal male would be repulsed by a fag job, and yet this husband to be, was drawn to it, and is staying in it, for low rate of pay and no ability to move up the career chain.

See you can be a forensic psychologist...........most people just call it being a Mother telling their kid to run for their life, but when this is about competition over La'me, in proving they are not beasties by liking the gay guy who submits to their will, everyone including the mama in Dixie all knows what is going on, but they are all lying to themselves to keep up appearances.

Deduct what kind of wimpy male is this flight attendant's father. The wife decides all, and he does not have the gumption to tell this kid to get a man's job.
What a fricking disaster this is, and I am glad we are out of it, as I can hardly wait for TL's mum and sister to unload about both the husbands they hate for hours on the phone.

Enough of this entertainment or catharsis.