Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Lesser Light

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was pondering a reality of the Bible mentions a greater and lesser light created on the 4th day, but never says it is the Moon specifically.

I ponder this, because the Aracadians called themselves a people who were Pre Lunar, or they had a memory before the Moon was in the sky.

I wonder at this, especially since in antiquity, a light which is now a little pin point of nothing in a blur, of Saturn was the star worshiped, and the Israelites carried that image in the Wilderness for 40 years. Saturn was  the deity or floods.

I make this point now to consider in:

The folk etymology of the Hebrews explained the name Khima as meaning “about a hundred (ke’me-ah) stars.”

If you look at Saturn in the present, it is hardly anything to have sex orgies over or even notice, unless you have nothing else to do but look at faint blotches of light. What if though the Hebrew name is correct. What if Saturn was one hundred times larger or brighter in the night sky.
A light that large and ruling over the night sky, would be one that would be seen and paid attention to. It would also be something which could be noted with the naked eye in being struck by comets or pulled out of orbit.

Saturn might have been the lesser light in Genesis chapter 1. The mysterious Nibiru might have pulled this planet further beyond the asteroid line, and it might have been a reality that moons were shattered or planets to form the asteroid belt, and "stars" which the ancients knew were there, disappeared as the sky changed, and Jupiter replaced Saturn as ruler of the sky.
Earth was moved in some period from a 360 day orbit to a 365 day orbit, but due to a Venus type comet. The larger planets appear to have been pulled out beyond the asteroid belt, and in the process the child of this cataclysm, Aphrodite or the Moon, took her place by miracle in orbit around earth.

I have the deepest appreciation for the Moon, but thinking of the possibility that Jesus as the Word, originally set Saturn as the lesser light in the sky, simply delights me. I wonder if it had rings which could be seen or if that came in the upheaval. It that could have been the sight, I would rather have that pretty than looking at lunar craters.

I once had a dream like Land of the Lost in earth was ringed by planets with rings. It was quite lovely standing in my yard, seeing that vision. It was like having rainbows in the night sky.

I would like a world like that.