Saturday, May 14, 2016

When there was not an America

Norwegian settlers in 1898 North Dakota in front of their homestead, a ...

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My mind was moved to think about my Great Grandfather this morning and the disgust which I have for the image of Obama and the various GOPliter traitors from Paul Ryan to Ted Cruz who have absolutely no respect for Americans, as this ilk squats here and plunders the fruits of American labor.

I fully know that the money interests in America and the world preyed upon the White Niggers of Europe. Europe was overflowing with Lost 10 Tribe Israelite communities and America was a waste to be exploited, so what better marriage could be wed than to take poor Europeans and Asians, promise them life, liberty and happiness, and dump them into the middle of nowhere to survive or die.

I have the most profound respect for the first Americans, whether it is the Spanish Don of Mexico, the Scot Angle French of Canada, the Scandinavian Israelite brother of Joseph, or that American race of Israelite Joseph found in the foundation of American stock of Irish, Scot German, who would meld to become the untamed, hardworking and fearless American Identity.

My Great Grandfather labored in Germany for 3 years, 16 hours a day, for one dollar a day, in a brick factory, to simply gain the funds to come to America.
He spoke absolutely no English, and only knew one word in his destination of Waseca. It is lost if his destination was Minnesota or Wisconsin in the German communities there, but the reality is that the exploitive Railroad fliers in Europe which promised the garden of Eden in America, already had every homestead filled, so all that was left was for him to enter Indian Territory as there was no going back to Europe for all of these immigrants, as it was a one way ticket and there was no more European home.

I was thinking about how desperate and heartsick I would have been, to not speak English, not have anything, and then discover that your promised land had been settled years before, and all that was left for you was country where the Indians had just murdered George Custer in 4 years before, and those same Indians were prowling around yet from Texas to Canada, still in the 1890's having fun.

I do not know a thing about my Great Grandfather's journey, only that when he arrived he heard a mule braying in the night at his homestead, and thought he was a dead man, as he was certain it was some wild Indian.
He homesteaded a location, which I suspect was something pointed out on a map, which was full of rocks, and soon after homesteaded another piece of ground, two miles south of that location with a friend who arrived from Germany.

There was absolutely nothing in America then. There were no roads, no rails, no hotels, no towns, not even a stick of lumber to put up a shelter. I wonder what he slept in those first months. I wonder how he got to his homestead. I wonder about every detail, because he had to haul everything by hand or wagon, and all is a mystery, except for his first crops of wheat, he shipped out by barge, as there was not a railroad within a day's travel of where he was.

Through hard work, he eventually sent for Grandma who would become his wife. I think of all of their hardships, as one thinks of green Germany and then there is brown wind-blown America. Literally my Great Grandparents did not get married for 5 years, from the inception of the idea of coming to America. Everyone wants immediate and those people waited patiently in life ending toil, to just have a chance, which was not guaranteed in a place called America.

I am very proud of my Pioneer relatives, as all of you reading this, have the same roots. Your people came to America when there was nothing here and by God's Grace they created a nation.

That is why I am disgusted with creatures like Ted Cruz who is part of a lot that gave everyone who came to America bad name. Cruz, Obama, they are the same ilk who came to America and tried to get my Grandfather to invest in a banana plantation in Texas.
Gram thought that was not something to ever invest in. Grampa did. Gram won out, and it turned out it was all a scam in trying to rob hard working people of the little they had.

It is why I hate these interlopers to America. I will never know from all of those hidden stories all of us have, as to what these people suffered through in heartbreaks and death.

Gram would contract a throat cancer and tell her family goodbye the night before she died, as she knew her time had come. Grampa would die from influenza he had recovered from, in he walked to the mail box to mail a letter and relapsed to pneumonia and died.
They are buried on a hill a half mile west of the America they created.

America just did not happen. She was blessed by God in Faithful Christians who created her. America being brought to utter ruin by the GOPliters and Oligarchs is by design, to fulfill what I said years ago in Americans will be so much the Indian in being made war upon and genocided by cartel, as that is what they intended all along.

The Indian was a race of no industry, even when infused with European and Middle Eastern lines. The American race which that soil produced though was the best which God ever created in industry and ingenuity being God blessed.

It is the greatest sadistic crime which knows no equal in world history what is now being unleashed upon the American Peoples for their genocide. The reckoning as all things will come from God. God will not forget the traitor and the treachery of what is being done to these too trusting peoples.
Their landmarks are being removed and God will plead their cause as a race is in Heaven praying for the deliverance of a people destroyed for lack of knowledge.