Friday, May 27, 2016

The Not So Wiley Wiley

Rick Wiley

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those of you who think there are honorable people in political parties just because they are in a party, and would never do anything against the ticket, this will be a lesson for you in what really takes place behind the scenes, for if you think your rejecting Jeb Bush put an end to things, you have no idea about Bush fam, in being part of Rockefeller Inc. and the operatives which they hire to destroy their opponents from within.

This is about Rick Wiley, a campaign operative, who was supposed to sign on with Chris Christie, the insider and rival of Jeb Bush, until a clear and present danger arose in Gov.Scott Walker who was about to defeat Jeb Bush early in 2015 AD in the year of our Lord.
Walker was a Big Koch boy and still is, but who he hired on was Rick Wiley to guide his campaign to a victory, but soon Wiley was being rude to everyone, and in about a month, the Walker campaign was destroyed.
Wiley literally blew through all of the money Walker had bankrupting Walker and by coincidence Ted Cruz cultist Erick Erickson was at the heart of a whispering campaign to link Wiley the pervert to Walker for the death blow.

A “whisper campaign” had been launched against Good Time Wiley a few days before Walker shut down the campaign, “apparently aimed at discrediting him and bringing about a shakeup in the organization, according to two Republican sources,” Buzzfeed reported.
The story went on to note that “The influential conservative talk radio host and blogger Erick Erickson appeared to allude to the whisper campaign… on Twitter: “Lots of different people all sending me the same rumor about a particular campaign manager caught indecently at the Ohio debate.” decided to lay bare the story: “Several GOP operatives within the Walker campaign and in Republican establishment circles have been spreading a rumor that Scott Walker’s campaign manager was receiving post-GOP debate oral sex in the lady’s bathroom of a downtown Cleveland bar…The rumor is that Katie Packer Gage, a former Romney campaign consultant, walked in on Wiley and a woman not his wife…Wiley is married with children.”
But the article noted that Gage, when contacted, repeatedly denied this tale. It also noted the rumor “has been pushed by none other than Brad Dayspring, a controversial GOP operative with a history of fabrications.”
Certainly, there’s been a ton of discussion about Wiley among Republican politicos, all of it way off the record, much of it shared with various media outlets. I’ve been told by one Republican that the campaign staff working for Wiley was in turmoil over his handling of employees. Politico referred to “warring staff” working on the campaign.

Hey if you can't get Walker's pants down and wearing women's underwear, for the kill shot, you send in a Romney troll to suck a Bush troll and have a Cruz troll spread the rumors.

Wiley cut his teeth working for George W. Bush, so the loyalties are there and Wiley pulled the plug on Giuliani's campaign where he went down in flames too. It makes one wonder why any one would want these people around, but when you are taking billionaire money, you take on the managers to destroy you like Liz Muir, who Walker fired, and more to the point who ended up in bed on Twitter with Amanda Carpenter, the Cruz cultist who carried out the lynching of Ben Carson for a Cruz steal in Iowa.

It was into this, that the Trump Campaign, seeking to unite the party, took on Rick Wiley to their staff, with the specific liaison work of coordinating the State party leadership in Swing States. This is where things went into Sabotage the Trump Campaign, because Wiley started cutting out Corey Lewandowski, the main spoke in the Trump Campaign, and then started booting out Trump staff as he did Walker staff, with instructions to all that Wiley was in charge, and people at the states were only to contact Wiley.

There is always intrigue in the Trump campaign, as the friction broke out early between Lewandowski and Roger Stone. Stone was wrong about how to run the campaign and was forced out, and since then Manafort who was brought on board to run things on the Bob Dole scale has been inching Lewandowski out of position.
Nothing new in any of this as everyone wants to be on daddy's knee, but that is where Lewandowski gets blamed for numbers of things, like putting Hope Hicks in her place. The Tiara is the one who live feeds Donald Trump's Tweet and Facebook, and runs interference with the press......she also at under age 30 has made the mistake of including her feminist bias on the boss's statements, along with allowing some of the keyboard commandos be a bit too exuberant in the Trump name online.

That is the intrigue in this and Mr. Trump lets Lewandowski take the arrows as a distraction as Donald Trump gets the most out of people in competition and rivalry to a point, but understand this, that Donald Trump knows exactly what is going on, including the intrigue, as this quote explains.

But a source close to the campaign told CNN that Wiley's departure was only a matter of time and that there was a feeling Wiley wasn't doing enough to help the campaign.
"It's been in the works for a while," the source said. "Trump was getting calls from people saying that Wiley wasn't returning their calls."

See Donald Trump has numbers of very loyal people in this world, and they understand accessibility. No, you do not get to walk in on Mr. Trump, without hearing about it, nor do you get to phone him up and tell Mr. Trump, if he would just listen to you, he would be a perfect Donald know the kind of things I am informed by intellectuals looking to join to power, as no one listens to them.........but Mr. Trump is a gentleman, an astute gentleman, and when people he knows have gone to the limits for him, start telling him, "Mr. Trump what is going on, as this Wiley is supposed to be coordinating, and we were told to only call him, and now he won't take or return calls, and things are critical here........and it is almost like he is sabotaging the campaign", that the Boss listens like he always does, intently.

That is the Lame Cherry exclusive in this in matter anti matter.  How that Reinse Priebus and Paul Ryan with Bush fam are still coordinating to elect Hillary Clinton. You can look at this with common sense, that no one would hire this Wiley and yet they are forced to, and immediately their campaigns go flat line.
You have the above quote in Wiley was staging a palace coup, was sabotaging swing states, so what do you think he was up to and working for?

That is why he was fired, and why this operative will be back, forced onto campaigns taking billionaire funding to eliminate them.

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