Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Search for White Niggerism

The Meaning of Manliness: An Interview with Matt Walsh - Op / Ed ...
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The Meaning of Manliness: An Interview with Matt Walsh - Op / Ed - – Worldwide Catholic Network Sharing Faith Resources for those seeking Truth ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has been exposing the Ted Cruz origins of the White Nigger terms which the Southern Poverty Law Center will not track, due to these litmus tests of ideological purity are not offensive to liberals funded to smear Caucasian Protestant Americans.

A new slur though has appeared on Glenn Beck's, The Blaze, but the head cucker there, Matt Walsh, who has just been pussy whipped by the Alternative Right in skewering this fraud. Walsh though being the slimy troll he is, left behind the various white hating terms of Rush cockerboy Limbaugh's "trumpster" and the equally race hating George Will's "trumpite" for a term which originated in January of this year in "trumpling".

If you notice in the above, the race hating slur against Donald Trump and his supporters originates with DEVOUT CATHOLIC Matt Walsh, and Walsh works for devout Jesus denier, Mormon Glenn Beck, who is calling for the murder of Evangelicals for Donald Trump.
We have before us devout Catholics and devout Mormons for Ted Cruz, advocating religicide in America on the Christians and beginning it with hate speech.

The origination of this was a person who had created Mitt Balls for Mitt Romney, and then produced trumplings for dumplings in their own promotional website.

As it is though, the race haters gravitated to "trumplings" in their new list of Matt Walsh Nigger words for Whites, in the new "spook" is 'trumpling'.

They know this is evil, and by this link, it is degraded to calling Donald Trump's children as "spawn", but the hater  there decided to not call Baron anything hateful as he was still a child.

Which Of Donald's Trumplings Are The Trumpiest? - Vocativ
Mar 1, 2016 - But who is the Trumpiest Trumpling? Is it Donald Jr., Eric, Tiffany, or Ivanka? (Precious Baron, the last of the Trumpspawn, is too young to pundit without an adult ...

The Blaze though from the start changed the world dumpling to their White Nigger Word and Matt Walsh was their primary racist in promoting this racial hatred and degradation, all slathered over again in these Mormon Beck's and Walsh's aposticism of his drunken tatoo addictions and self effacement he engages in.

Dear Christians, If You Vote For A Godless Man, You Are Asking For ...
Jan 19, 2016 - But in the middle of this bizzare Trumpling potpourri are, apparently, Christians. Perhaps a vast number of them. Indeed, many Christians have fallen for the ...

This is all part of the public record for Attorney General Chris Christie to investigate, indict and prosecute, because this is more than the old use of the word Nigger for Negroids, but it is the degradation of the White race to a sub human status where Glenn Beck says Evangelicals can be burned at the stake.
That is the way in Cambodia over 1 million people were murdered in those killing fields.  Matt Walsh engages in nothing Christian, but in Crimes Against Humanity, and that is something to appear before Tribunals for full prosecution and sentencing.

"A Godless man", that is code for state sponsored assassination, and in this case as Glenn Beck called for the mass murder of Americans, Matt Walsh included in this a murder threat against Donald Trump in the "trumpling" epitaph.

In your piece “Men and women are not equal,” you note that Christianity has taught that all humans have equal worth and dignity for 20 centuries, and you reference G. K. Chesterton, a famous Protestant convert to Catholicism. What are your religious beliefs?

I'm a devout Catholic.

- Matt Walsh

Does it make a bit more sense now why this tattoo whore of Beck with whiskey bottles and hatred of Americans Protestants, degrades them as subhuman, and works for a Mormon calling for their genocide by burning at the stake, is a devote follower of the Whore of Babylon?

The Alt Right has to do a bit more homework, as Walsh is vouching for the Pater Pope, false prophet, the one who says he hates American capitalism, is advocating sodomy, is not a Marxist and a great guy.

Now you know what is really under the Jesuit black robe of Matt Walsh, race hatred against Americans slathered over with Vatican indulgences.

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