Sunday, May 15, 2016

Liberal Jon Stewarts States Hillary Clinton Is Fighting Her Sociopathic Nature


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Liberal Jon Stewart appeared on liberal David Axelrod's  podcast, the Axe, and stated the following on Hillary Clinton on meeting her as a guest on the Daily Show.

It’s — look, there are politicians who are either rendering their inauthenticity in real enough time to appear authentic, and then their are politicians who render their inauthenticity through — it’s like, when your computer … if you have a Mac and you want to play a Microsoft game on it …”

… and there’s that weird lag.

Right. Now, what gives me hope in that is that there’s a delay, which means she’s somehow fighting something. I’ve seen politicians who don’t have that delay and render their inauthenticity in real time, and that’s when you go, ‘That’s a sociopath.’

In forensic psychology, what Hillary Clinton exhibits is a mental incapacity, due to being elderly in her mind does not have the ability to process information swiftly any longer, and the effects of brain trauma.

Mrs. Clinton simply has to measure everything she is going to say to manipulate a conversation, before she speaks. This plays out in Mrs. Clinton's Twitter accounts which have numerous staff and lawyers examining her Tweets before they are posted, in order to avoid embarrassment or  legalities. She simply does not have the capacity to equal Donald Trump on social media due to her degraded mental state.

In running for President, a candidate rarely sleeps, sleeps at home, eats appropriately, and is cramming for college exams every day with new courses being introduced. Conditions that cause 22 year olds to fail in mass and not remember their names, are what Mrs. Clinton is attempting to deal with being almost 50 years older than these children.

By comparison, Bernie Sanders with rest at age 74 is capable to respond quickly in interviews and debates, while Mrs.Clinton is delayed in the bathroom. Again Mrs. Clinton has consumed probably more kilos of cocaine than Mr. Sanders, and Mr. Sanders did not suffer an immense brain injury in the past years due to a fall from a severe influenza infection.

Jon Stewart will attempt to cover up Mrs. Clinton's mental problems by stating her "delays" are due to her being superior in she is not a complete sociopath like other politicians, but the medical realities are the campaign process is revealing that Hillary Clinton does not have the physical nor mental capacity any longer to deal with 16 hour Presidential requirements or 3 AM phone calls.

Hillary Clinton would be better served by America, in perhaps a  low stress position, such as Dean of some prestigious university, where lesbian assistants could handle the hours in the day such as Huma Wiener, when Mrs. Clinton would require time to recuperate in lengthy naps.

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