Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Shadow Terror Account

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I have mentioned that my Yahoo account is utilized for recipes as an online file account to save things. I have mentioned also that someone persistently is cross referencing this account under the Muslim name of Aftab, and this was tracked in Germany, the Mideast, and in buying clothes in Georgia USA.

In the massive hacking of Yahoo, there was an alert for users to change their email passwords. Today I received two most interesting alerts in someone attempted to change the password and someone added a mobile phone number.

I place the information here, because logically this does not make any sense, but somehow my account at Yahoo is triggering and receiving information, when no passwords are changed and now a phone number is being added, and my cell phone number has not changed.

This Yahoo account several years ago was hacked by someone who was upset over my association at the time with the gorgeous women of Playboy, so Yahoo required my driver's license to get the account back and reactivated.

I make this point, because  the number which was listed is +92 3339065110.

That number is from Muslim Pakistan.

What is of interest in this, is the pattern, not being a pattern, but there is a pattern in someone on a mobile phone in Germany was piggybacking this account, then clothes were ordered out of America. There was access in attempted log in, in the Mideast, and now this world traveler has listed a Pakistani cell phone number.

On 10 May 2016 at 23:34, the mobile number
+92 3339065110 was added to your Yahoo account.
You can now use this mobile number to safely recover your account and verify your identity.

If you made this change, you're all set.

If not, use this link to remove the number, and change your password.

Thanks for taking this additional step to keep your account safe.

I am warning all of you of something which is being exposed in this. Someone hacked into Yahoo accounts to steal millions of email passwords, and an alert went out for everyone to change their passwords, which then produced an ISP signature and phone numbers. This looks like an NSA sifting of data to refresh it, to track something.
What I conclude as I have written before is, that it appears someone with some very adept codex programming is running backdoor accounts off of emails which are legitimate. As my account, keeps triggering Muslims popping up in a great deal of travel, and the purchase of American centric clothing, this looks like an operation constructed against the West.

Someone hacked into Yahoo, which was the Obama censor in 2008, and the FBI did not care to find out. The result was a reset of all of Yahoo, whose result was a fresh data mine and tracking of the system which now has some very active, very Islamic and very incorrect shadow emails being exposed, in what I am observing from this activity.

The number is from Ufone in Islamabad, as the 333 code is assigned to them.

Existing Codes

I have been terrorized by this Obama regime, and seriously, do you think for a moment the NSA and FBI are not aware of what is taking place at Yahoo when it is has been published in the media, concerning widespread SIMS interchange by terrorists in cell phone in pre paid accounts or drop phones.

Clock ticking on SIM re-verification process - TeleGeography
Jan 22, 2015 - Under the plan, Mobilink, Telenor Pakistan, Ufone, Zong and Warid have 90 days to re-verify all pre-paid SIMs using the Biometric Verification ... after it was discovered that terrorists involved in the December attack on a ...

There is a massive reset taking place at Yahoo and it is cover for an operation. I will remind everyone the last time and first time I saw this was on September 10th, 2001 at 11 am eastern.
There is something out there, an event by indications of what has been initiated.

Yahoo Mail access issues

We've received reports that some users are experiencing an issue when signing in to their accounts. Our Engineering team is aware and working quickly to resolve