Sunday, May 22, 2016

To those it will concern

Cortney Bowen

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Dear Ms. Cortney Brown
Realtor Phillips Pantzer Donnelly 
156 Edgecliff Road, Cnr Grosvenor Street Woollahra 2025

As a world read American star, I was wondering if you could work a deal for me to purchase Australia. I would require everyone out by midnight before the American elections, so that all worthless Yank actors threatening to flee America with the election of Donald Trump will have appropriate facilities to deal with them. 
Australia appears a logical ocean prison, due to historical reasons, and we in America can not allow these vagabonds to invade Canada, as they may just walk back on dry land.
I of course would make exception for Rachel Ward and Skippy the bush kangaroo, if the marsupial is still on planet. 
The rest of you though will have to go to make room for this 21st century Botany Bay. 

Speed is of the essence.

Thank you,


La'me Cherry
PS: Do you accept Discover Card?