Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trump Landslide In Washington

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Congratulations to Anticipated President, Donald Trump in the landslide victory in Washington State as Republicans there sent a resounding rebuke to the GOPliters and give notice to Hillary Clinton her sun has set.
Mr. Trump was approaching near 80% of the Washington vote as the Republicans united for the November Presidential election.

All Americans are ready now to begin the emancipation from this repressive Obama regime.

Mr. Trump has 1131 pledged delegates, meaning he only needs 106 delegates, but in his possession he has 65 unpledged for a total of 1196, or Mr. Trump needs a mere 41 delegates.
Mr. Trump has not lost or had stolen a primary since April 19th. This is the 11th primary Mr. Trump has absolutely dominated, after shattering Ted Cruz in New York and driving him from the field in Indiana.

Literally on June 7th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, at 8 pm eastern time,  Donald Trump will be the official Republican Nominee for President of these United States, when New Jersey awards Mr. Trump her 51 delegates and puts President Elect as the Nominee.
No more of that mocking "presumptive nominee" or Kruz, Kasich, Krubio intrigue in keeping delegates to attempt to blackmail Mr. Trump and Americans at the Convention, because Mr. Trump does not need them.

It makes no difference the Clinton Cruz flaming t shirt throwers nor terrorists storming barricades, as Donald Trump is the American choice.

You have done well my children. God has noticed.

Thank God!!!

TRUMP 2016