Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trump White Paper: American Energy at the Ballot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today West Virginia and Nebraska are on the voting docket, and these two rural states both form the duplex of American energy, because West Virginia is coal and Nebraska is bio fuels. Both of these will have to be the foundation of Donald Trump's economy, because cheap energy, means deflation in costs, and deflation in costs means an expansion of the American economy, in you will have money to spend on your lives again.

One of the things which irritates me yet is the absolute liar Barack Hussein Obama is along with the image. In 2008, he lied to America in stating he would match John McCain and Sarah Palin's platform of the necessary building of coal and nuclear plants. Instead Obama went to war on coal and shut down nuclear revamping, and American electric bills tripled in price over George W. Bush.

This is the disaster America is in, and do not believe that clean energy bullshit, as America is maxed out on that subsidized solar and wind, as you just can not depend on it. and burning natural gas is no less carbon than coal. Obama simply rewarded his cronies and penalized Americans.

There is good news in this for Trump policy,  because America needs at least 50 coal and nuclear plants. I am all for President Trump moving ahead in a Manhattan style project for Bill Gates clean nuclear thorium projects........but Americans get the mineral wealth from this, and this energy stays in America and is not sold to China. No more LaVoy Finicums or ranchers thrown off their lands by BLM.

These power plants are billion dollar projects. They employ Americans with high paying and long term jobs, as in lifetime employment in base salaries of 50,000 dollars, along with the miners, the railroads, and the maintenance which is required. This is the first infrastructure which a President Trump is going to have to implement, along with securing America's energy grid.

That is what Trump votes in clean ethanol and bio diesel means. Farmers with renewable energy, and that money staying in America, instead of funding Muslim terrorism, along with cheap coal from West Virginia and other east coast states in high grade coal to make those states  prosperous again, to make the American economy growing at 10% without inflation is a reality. Because the strangulation of America by the Obama regime has created a caldera with all that debt, which once it is released it is going to expand.
In that, the best thing in the world might be to to have self deportation back to Mexico, because these  Obama illegals are an inflationary problem and resource sponge which will hold America back from recovery.

That situation can be remedied in cutting off welfare payments, taxing businesses who employ foreign workers, and securing the borders.

This is the foundation of Ameica in Nebraska and West Virginia, and Donald Trump has moved on these issues, which are vital for American recovery. We need electricity and we need bio fuels for billions of dollars of economic growth back into the American economy.

It is what Nebraska and West Virginia are all about, in peoples abandoned by the Obama Clinton regime, and neglected by the Paul Ryan / Ted Cruz / Jeb Bush cadre.

John McCain got it, Donald Trump gets it, the rest of these traitors put America in this horrid position.