Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trump White Paper: The Minute Men

The Minute Man will be known by their Ranger Hats
in being of the People, by the People and for the People 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In this continuing series of suggestions for Anticipated President, Donald J. Trump, the Lame Cherry puts forth the reality that the Citizen of these United States feels intimidated by the police state. It has become a matter that some official terrorizes a landowner in Wyoming for building a pond on his own property, being fined millions of dollars by the regime agencies, and it requires a pro bono attorney for two years to save the distraught family.

These types of things must be redressed for the people, and the Lame Cherry suggests that the People of these United States require a Guard to protect them, whom they can turn to and complain and this Guard will initiate a Federal response to protect any Citizen under duress who calls out.
Think of this as an asylum for the people, a catching hold of the horns of the altar in the Temple, the Priests sanctuary in the Church, a Constitutional Law enforcement agency of Federal Sheriffs sworn to uphold the protection of the People first and last, with precedent over all other bodies, in the Golden Thread of English Law, that ALL are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

These should be called the Minute Men, answerable only to the elected President.

The checks and balances of this would be a tribunal of Justices, headed by someone as the fine Judge Janice Rogers Brown.

File:Janice Rogers Brown.jpg

Justice Brown with two other associates would oversee the Minute Men, along with a network of offices in all 50 states, led by a Praetor, the Magistrate of America. I would suggest this office be held by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

There would be 50 Federal Magistrates from the People, being over 18 years old, natural born Citizens, with no criminal felony record, would be the only qualification for all of these posts.

A Minute Man decree takes precedent over all other legal papers and findings.

In this any American under duress in facing siege could file asylum, and immediately come under the protection of the President, and all agencies actions would cease and desist by the mandate of this High Court of the People.

The Minute Men would not be limited to asylum pleas, but any American could file a complaint against corporations who were involved in human traffic, and the Minute Men with evidence found would arrest immediately the most powerful corporate heads in America if the charges were correct. That would include any agency heads and operational conduits involved in actions against Americans would be arrested, tried and if convicted face the full weight of the Justice system, including the death penalty.

As in Hanging Judge Parker of True Grit, there would be no appeal to the Praetorian Court, except to the President, and barring any intervention from the Office of the White House in 3 days, full sentence would be implemented, including death, and any attempts at interference by lower courts would enlist an immediate apprehension of these usurpers of American Justice.

That is what this is. American Justice. Americans have been so assaulted and intimidated, by a ruthless and super charged police state that there is no way to fight back. The Minute Men would stand with every Sheriff's Office in every county, separate and not over them, in protecting every American, and it would be confidential, an interview by the Minute Men, and when crimes are found, there will be immediate action to protect Americans.

This is a necessity now of a terrorized people, to free itself from institutionalized tyranny. This is the People's Check and Balance, from their Chief Law Enforcement Officer President Donald John Trump.