Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mentally Hostage to Bernie Sanders

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For all the glorification of "Give Away Bernie" in the socialist Bernie Sanders, no one seems to have noticed a glaring reality in the racism, bigotry, misogyny of the Sanders Campaign, which lurks like a reptile, ready to devour Bernie's desperate masses.

Here is the campaign of Bernie Sanders, to give you a hint at what you are looking at, it is all void of the imported Muslim and Jesuit's of color, and blacks, but reflects nothing but Asheknaz Bernie and the penis.

The campaign staff will continue to grow and likely won’t be fully set until early July. Here’s an early look at many of the key players in Sanders’ political orbit:

• Jeff Weaver is Sanders’ campaign manager. He served as the senator’s campaign manager during his successful Senate run in 2006 and served as chief of staff in Sanders’ House and Senate offices. He first began working for Sanders as a 20-year-old on his 1986 gubernatorial campaign.
• Phil Fiermonte, Sanders’ longtime state director, is the campaign’s field director. Fiermonte, who has worked for Sanders for 16 years, has long been in Sanders’ inner circle and helped manage his past campaigns. Most recently, he was heavily involved in coordinating the senator’s upcoming trip to Iowa. He was also previously listed as the treasurer of Sanders’ leadership PAC. In April, he joined Sanders, Sanders’ wife Jane and another adviser, Tad Devine, in Vermont for a planning weekend to discuss his bid. He’s a former member of the Burlington City Council and previously worked as executive director of the Vermont American Federation of Teachers. Both he and Weaver are Vermont natives.
• Tad Devine, a longtime Democratic strategist, has helped shepherd Sanders’ political efforts. Devine is a big name in Democratic politics: He has worked for several other presidential candidates, including John Kerry, Al Gore and Michael Dukakis. He also has a rapport with Washington reporters, giving Sanders’ early political efforts some cachet. His exact role with the campaign remains undetermined, but he has been an important veteran Democratic voice for Sanders, the longtime independent who has said he will run to win the party’s nomination.

• Mark Longabaugh, one of Devine’s business partners, has played a central role in helping to organize the early stages of Sanders’ campaign, serving as an unofficial campaign manager of sorts before Weaver signed on. He ran former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley’s 2000 presidential campaign operations in New Hampshire.
• Pete D’Alesandro is Sanders’ Iowa campaign coordinator. The Des Moines Democratic operative has worked on campaigns for two decades, including for former Govs. Chet Culver and Tom Vilsack.
• Kurt Ehrenberg is Sanders’ New Hampshire field director. He comes to the Vermont senator from “Run Warren Run,” the draft effort that was pushing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to run for president. He has also previously worked as a political and legislative director for the AFL-CIO’s New Hampshire branch.
• Digital firm Revolution Messaging runs Sanders’ online fundraising and social media efforts — big for a candidate who’ll rely on small-dollar contributions and benefits from a strong social-media presence. Four members of the team worked on Barack Obama’s insurgent 2008 campaign — Scott Goodstein, who ran Obama’s social media efforts; Shauna Daly, who was deputy research director for the campaign; Arun Chaudhary, who ultimately became the first official White House videographer; and Walker Hamilton, the site architect for Obama’s campaign. Kenneth Pennington, who ran Sanders’ Senate social media platform, and Keegan Goudiss, a Revolution Messaging partner who has worked for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, will also work on the digital team.
• Nick Carter, managing director of Sanders’ campaign committee, is working full time on Sanders’ presidential campaign, playing a role in fundraising and communications efforts. Other communications staffers in Sanders’ orbit include Jeff Frank, Sanders’ press secretary, and Michael Briggs, his communications director, who is handling most of the press for the campaign so far and may transition full-time.

Yes those are the facts of  the Sanders campaign, in one woman is enough, with two lesbians in Huma and Hillary, so why should Bernie Sanders trust anyone with a vagina or a different skin color or religion than Bernie.

This is the most damning thing of many things about Bernie Sanders in the betrayal of the people who trust him. Sanders hates women and women hate him. His former wives...........there were like 4 in all, have nothing to do with him, because he is such a prick.
As you can note by the above, Bernie Sanders is the ultimate racist, ultimate misogynist, and all by the proof of those he only allows to serve him.

Compare this to Donald Trump, who has a long history of hiring women to power positions and promoting them, along with his two most media profile people in his campaign are Katrina Pearson and Hope Hicks.

It is a fact that the Sanders voters are moral people in their own secular way. They are terrified of the crimes of Hillary Clinton, and have glommed onto Bernie Sanders in the propaganda that he is an outsider and believes just like they do. The fact is Bernie Sanders has more in common with the pasty white Jeb Bush GOPliters than with the affirmative action of the democratic party.

All of this has been under the surface of what and who Bernie Sanders chooses to have around him. His supporters have Nazi on the brain, and can not draw enough cartoons or post enough pictures of the SS in trying to smear everyone, or engaging in political rape against women.

Sanders last stunt in plotting with Jimmy Kimmel for the "Trump debate" was typical of the malevolence of Bernie Sanders, in the entire intent of this was not a debate, but Sanders was ranting about a coliseum, to be filled in a big event.
 Ask yourself what 35,000 Bernie Sanders voters would do in a stadium, after you have witnessed a few hundred of this rent a mob beating up on Americans and rushing barricades. Do you think for a moment that Sanders had not planned to have a human wave surge that stage and attack Donald Trump, as the Sanders stalkers have before?

There is an immense disconnect between who the Sanders voters are like a Susan Sarandon caught in the trance, and the campaign staff and thugs who Sanders surrounds himself with, by evidence of what his campaign is up to.
Sanders likes playing the victim in whining about rigged elections, but he is the one who started praising Hillary Clinton over her crimes, and created this abuse of his followers. Sanders should have been more interested in America, instead of his thug pasty white crew of provocateurs.

I know that the Sanders supporters are not going to want to hear this, no more than Ted Cruz supporters could believe what a thug Cruz was. The fact is in this race, that Cruz and Sanders are not outsiders. They were both picked to split the party for the conglomerate rule. Thankfully Cruz failed, but Bernie Sanders is still viable in his machinations, because Hillary Clinton is such an unsavory character.

When is Bernie Sanders going to be held accountable? He is a racist and a bigot. He is a plotter and hater. He has no women, no minorities and no affinity with Americans, as his grand scheme is like Lenin and Obama to promise free stuff to everyone, in another cancerous regime which devours nations.

That is the reality of Bernie Sanders. The Lame Cherry was content to leave Mr. Sanders in his Bern, until he engaged in a conspiracy against Mr. Trump concerning this debate which was a fraud, and meant to harm Mr. Trump physically. As Hillary Clinton is incapable with all her criminal problems and being of advanced age, to deal with Bernie Sanders unAmerican activities, it falls to this blog again to expose exactly who Bernie Sanders is.
I realize politically it would be best to just let Hillary Clinton steal this nomination, let Bernie try to blackmail Hamrod, and watch it all consume itself, for the Trump victory, but there is something more vital in this, and that is America. The Sanders voters as much as the Cruz voters are well meaning Americans. They have been fed the wrong charlatan brew and are held mentally hostage. None of this is good for the soul, because from the posts of Sanders and Cruz MOG's these are vicious and often sociopathic maniacs who are dangerous to society. America is going to require the normal Sanders and Cruz voters who have been taken advantage of, to not be abandoned to Hillary Clinton or some dope head Libertarian sodom party, to rescue them, to a good life, of good jobs, good security and a good retirement.

It would be easy to walk away, but in America we still have our abused voters after the election, and leaving them destitute will not be good for America. Everyone gets to ride on the Trump Train for prosperity and security, you simply have to be behave like you know you are supposed to, and not get away with as Bernie Sanders caste has been.

There is more to this world than a democratic party of segregated women in two lesbians surrounded by pasty white thugs in Huma and Hillary, and pasty whiteness Bernie Sanders in his racism and bigotry.

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