Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trump White Paper: Regime Reduction

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The best way to serve a President Elect Donald Trump is to turn out a series of White Papers in areas which his Administration is going to have to overcome and deal with situations, or his entire effort will be sabotaged.

The reality is that Barack Hussein Obama bloated the civil service in America in millions of new Obama employees, bloating the regime fatter than Muchelle Obama's ass. I can say things like this, because it is real, it is catchy writing, and because I am not deluded into thinking that with all of the work the Lame Cherry did for Mr. Trump, that he is going to express the least bit of gratitude.

What will be needed to make Donald Trump's Administration a success and a legacy is a complete restructuring of every government job from top to bottom, because one can put Ben Carson as a Cabinet Secretary, but he will be thwarted  by the hundred thousand Obama employees under him.
It would be akin to my sister who once told me that she could discern what politicians were going to vote. It was her excuse for voting for liberal baby butchers, because she wanted to keep her union NEA job.

I am going to focus on the BLM or Bureau of Land Management as an example, as this armed police state terror group is giving all government agents a murderous name in LaVoy Finicum.

This is what the process would be in this White Paper.

Donald Trump upon being elected, announces that due to the Obama expansion of the regime, that there will be a 50% reduction by his Secretaries and Under Secretaries in every cabinet post, as 95 million Americans are out of work, and Obama loading the system with trolls to perpetually assault Americans, is not going to be accepted.

This will be announced that retirees will not be replaced, and that a moratorium on those who do not retire in benefits will be enacted within 30 days.

For the remaining BLM employees, they will recruited into the Existential Diversity Project. This will be an international experience where the BLM will be sent to foreign lands, such as Afghanistan to teach them about management of grazing lands, armed with their 9mm pistols and no other military protection.
Given that notice, 99% of these Obama employees for life, are going to quit before being sent overseas, and the remaining Darwin candidates will be handled by al Qaeda.

The BLM will then hire nothing but agrarian based employees, and the entire department will be American friendly.

This is the white print in this reconstruction of the American Government from the Obama Civil Service Regime. What Donald Trump will find is a group of Obama employees who will drag their feet on every policy he hands down, be hostile to American Rights, and when Mr. Trump is voted out of office for failure, these same armed thugs will be shooting Americans again, because it is the "law".

It is a simple reality of what must be accomplished. Birther Hussein has been engaged in 8 years with the image of an absolute restructuring of the departments of the United States in a community organized against Americans from school loans to their property, and favoring foreign invaders. This has to be removed quickly and completely, or it will finish off Donald Trump and his Presidency without a doubt.

This is not sexy work like building walls or negotiations in the Oval Office. It is necessary work, and Mr. Trump is going to have to have someone who is passionate about it, monitoring its progress and making certain that it gets done. It is a matter of taking Obama trolls out of the civil service and replacing them with thirty year old unemployed from the ranks of the 95 million Obama has kept unemployed, who will ruthlessly reestablish what American Government is supposed to be, not what the regime dictatorship was inflicting upon the American People.

This ends this Lame Cherry White Paper in the reconstruction of the Trump Government for America.