Monday, May 16, 2016

Trump White Paper: Republican Convention Grande Finale

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am in full support of President Elect Donald Trump making the Republican Convention in Cleveland Ohio, into something wonderful. I put forward these suggestions concerning the introduction of Mr. Trump.

What I suggest is a montage which opens with Abraham Lincoln in the Memorial, with the narration of "Four score and seven years ago..............."

The construct of this is to wed Mr. Trump to the Republicans, and the successes of their leadership from the first glimmer of the GOP in Hero, John Charles Fremont, wed to Jessie Benton, the daughter of the leading Democrat of the era to Mr. Trump's ability to be cordial to Democrats.

It will be a quick progression of inaugurals, quotes, and those whom America did not choose, in the warnings they uttered, and yes this includes George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, as there is not going to be any sour grapes in this.

The delight is going to be hearing Teddy Roosvelt and a host of historical Republicans, to create interest, and to build the bridge from Lincoln onward, as to why Donald Trump is advocating these policies now for America, because they were proven in success.

This will be overlaid in the murmur of John Phillips Sousa music, appropriate for the occasion and my sincere hope that this would be interwoven throughout the Convention. Sincerely, I would hope that outside the Convention that High School bands could come and play for the public to fill the atmosphere with that greatest of American composers.

I digress........

This presentation is interwoven with Mr. Trump's successes, his Towers, his associations with Ronald Reagan and yes the Clinton's as we can not run away from this, but embrace it, that the Clintons loved Donald Trump's money and Mr. Trump has the ability to make deals with everyone as Ronald Reagan did with Tip O'Neill.

For the closing of the presentation, I see again Abraham Lincoln at the Memorial with the closing of the Gettysburg Address, with Ronald Reagan in the Oath of Office, SO HELP ME GOD, and moves to Donald Trump, seated behind his desk, in Lincoln pose with, Mr. Trump stating, "My name is Donald Trump, I agree with this message, "Let's Make America Great Again".

Then President Elect Donald Trump, is introduced to the podium, "Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow Americans, the next President of these United States, Donald Trump!"

Mr. Trump then gives the speech of his campaign, embracing all the Republican elders, showing the failures of Clinton Obama, and how past Republican leaders implemented policies to make America great again.

That is my suggestion to build on.