Monday, May 16, 2016

The Great 2016 American Exodus

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I could not be more delighted in the economic bust now engulfing North Dakota, as their GOP joined with Obama Commerce in importing thousands of Muslim rape cock with Lutheran Social Services, and now with the oil bust, and it would be 35 years before that market recovers, that now North Dakota in spending money like crack whores, all they have left is massive infrastructure to repair (Donald Trump are you paying attention in you build it has to be fixed when rebuilt) and a present to all of you........

The Great American Exodus of 2016.

My brother's little girl is married to an oil field employee, and phoned up my brother and said something like this:

"Yes, come the end of the school year, everyone is leaving North Dakota."

If you need a translation of that, you were not reading the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter, about how Mark Levin was luring in the dregs of your states to North Dakota to be exploited on your paying 5 dollar a gallon gasoline. Then of course Obama got the Saudi idea of crushing Putin and then crushing those petty little Republicans in North Dakota.

Mind you now, that North Dakota for the past years imported 250,000 of your dregs you Muslims from AfroAsia, and all of you were happy to be less this trash, but North Dakota was grateful as they had 3000 dollar month hotels and all sorts of things, until of course the crash.

See I told people that it would take 35 years before oil returns to the prices it will be required to get North Dakota prosperous again. So all of those people in North Dakota have this now:

1. Inflation prices of huge sums of money to live.
2. Houses out of the price range.
3. Numerous homes now empty.
4. Numerous part time jobs no one can exist on.
5. Infrastructure thrills which now have high taxes and have to be paid to heat and cool.

The net result is after school ends for the summer, more than Alice Cooper will be signing, School's Out Forever, because the Great American Exodus will begin.

See 250,000 unemployed people are coming home, to your homes. People who had no jobs, are coming home to no jobs where you are, to raise your taxes, your crime rates, and make you all displeased.
Do not worry, because of two things.

Thing 1: These are white people, so no one cares, and no Obama spending for their help will take pace.

Thing 2: All of the kiddie whores, all the prostitutes, all the dope dealers, will still be in North Dakota, preying on people there, because there is still enough money for them to prey on oil workers there.

We might call this a recession, but with all those Obama Mexicans and Muslims pouring into America, the oil companies will of course replace the Americans for foreigners, and as Saudi Arabia will own the North Dakota oil, it only is fitting that Muslims be working for Big Mecca.

It sort of seems ok as with all those whores and strippers in North Dakota, along with Muslim terrorists, it is all a retro 9 11 scenario, of course without the skyscrapers or jumbo jets as nothing higher than a butte and no runways longer than 22 rifle shot, so the terrorists will just have to get lap dances and fly those friendly skies.

I doubt Rush cockerboy Limbaugh or Mark Levin, will be offering up any charity work for these white folks. Probably too busy sorting through all those bribes Ted Cruz sent in. No room for white trash when the bin is full of Cruz cash.

So be warned here comes the exodus. Not much religion, but at least not Muslim or Mexican. White folks who might be handy to stop bullets by the police state or perhaps their women folk will be deflecting Muslim or Mexican rape cock from you, or perhaps some transexual will be boffing them in the shitter, instead of you.

With that, now we can all be pleased that North Dakota has a new shitter, and come a few weeks, they will flush the toilet and you will be sewer in receiving back your turds of humanity.

Gee don't hear these ripping good yarns on World Net Daily now do you.