Friday, May 6, 2016

Trump White Paper: USPS Revamp

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

While Cockerboy Limbaugh and Cucker Matt Walsh, have joined a sadist chorus in trying to sabotage Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton and damning themselves for a premature pull out of Ted Cruz, I am moved to begin something, as I have had more than enough of the abrasive Ted Cruz and these MOG's tearing everything down. My policy is to promote solutions which as Benjamin Franklin carried out in America, is intended to solve things for all of us, and it is my hope that the Trump Administration will examine them and improve on them.

The Lame Cherry first advocacy is solving the United States Postal Service. No one likes it. It loses a fortune. It serves spammers and it is in desperate need to be modernized.

What if I were to tell you that the Lame Cherry's solution for the Trump Administration would make money for the US Government, drop the postal rate for letters to 20 cents per letter again, drop bulk shipments under UPS and Fed Ex in costs, and make the USPS a place where employees would be happy again.

It is all simple and it begins with the Postal Money Order. I move that the USPS modernize to compete at a cheaper rate than Paypal, for moving finances securely around the globe, as one of the premier currency transfer centers in the world.
Anyone could buy anything on line, send money anywhere, and do it from bank accounts or credit cards, instantly.
The Postal Money Order would become the most efficient ATM in the world.

This would be the profit share for the USPS, which would then be utilized to drop postal rates in underwriting them, and increase traffic of mail and shipping again, which would in turn increase the profit in bulk.

There are numerous things which can be implemented in this new era of technology, from automatic stamp machines, to the eventual selling of 49% of the Post Office to interests who would operate this in a public trust for profit, as a PUC, and be chartered for examination and renewal.
Americans would be silent partners at owning 51%, making profit for the work that each postal zone would generate.

Consider the world of drones, where the postal service will transform into. I seek not to end postal employees, but transform their work where they would operate robotics to deliver mail more efficiently.

Consider a USPS which could market, pay as you go, WIFI, which was affordable.

This is a simple solution, which would free Americans from this money pit of debt that is the USPS. The postal service should be self funding, and that can now be accomplished by transforming it to an inherent entity, a technological platform, and have this all managed by the best of capitalism in competition working for Americans.

Everything is solvable and can be made to work more efficiently. The USPS is such an entity.