Friday, May 6, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sure this does not sound important, but try and make buns and you will find out that all that is buns is not equal size.

Mom used to just slice it off the main mother dough, but I am not that proficient in bun size, so the Holy Ghost said to me today, or weeks ago when you read this, "Roll it out into a dough log like you do for rolls, and then just slide it off".

God is very extremely bright, so you after the first knead down of the dough, just roll it into a log about 12 inches or a foot long......don't ask centi, milli or decimeters as I do not know....about the length of your radius is the measure.

Then just cut it in half with a sharp butcher knife as you are butchering the dough.

Half that again and you are in 4 pieces, and then divide them up to 3's. Go on the bias on the ends, as there is always less dough.

Then just fast shape them to a bun size....parchment paper....rise 30 minutes and you have buns.

I use a recipe by Anna Palmquist who has been deader than America before most of you were born. She was a sort of school marm they said, but she made good buns.

Recipe is something like........

4 cups flour
1 1/4 cup warm water with 1 tablespoon yeast and a shot of sugar to feed it.
2 tablespoons lard....hog lard or butter, but pigs make these heaven tasting.
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 cup cream

You might need to dust her down after the first raise as it will get sticky, but bread is always alive in one time it is sticky and the next time is dry and the next time it is just right, depending on the weather front.

The something like is just my roughing it out as she had 14 cups in her recipe, with cups of lard and sugar and things. It took a couple of batches of buns a day to feed threshing crews, and in my wee memory of Mom making these things I used to eat them by themselves like they were candy.

I always add lard and sugar, because wheat flour is sour. The cream helps too, all in that crumbly thing going on.

This makes a dozen buns and I am at a point in this life that just like ocean swells and not so tame horses, I like bread, as its dough does not intimidate me. You just need to work with it and not be bluffed. Rubber yellow gloves help my bravery in the issue along with the lovely heavy stainless steel pans which I now have that I could wear for a helmet.
Get a big stainless steel bowl, with curved sides so you can get a hold of that dough, otherwise I am told it is like sex in a Toyota, too much hands and not enough room to get at things.

Some day I want to make Finn rye bread, or German pumpernickel, as the secret to making that sweet is to leave it go beasty for a few days in the rye starches or whatever change to sugars and you get a nice Christmas thing going on.

How lovely it would be to eat Christmas cookies in Deutschland and go blast one of those big grouse they have, and have a Draathaur fetch it up, and serve it up with cranberry and cheesy potatoes .....a Butterball type with crackling fire and some kind of schnaps, but no singing as sometimes Christmas should be seen and not heard.