Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Unloading on Donald Trump

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

LC: was very concerned about your potentially unloading on Trump with info that could take him down after his disloyalty to his old butler. Grateful it didn't come to that. May God richly bless you and TL and yours.

Just a stick my dear Friend to send a message, just a stick. Now we of course are all friends. It was a necessary matter as that type of misbehavior not checked would have it appearing later to savage us.

The message was sent to the tiara wearer and all is well. I simply though will not condone operatives who go beyond the stabbing in the back, to twisting the knife. Mr. Trump does not condone that type of misbehavior either and it was all sorted out.

And yes, I do know Mr. Trump's trigger, but will not ever reveal them. Amusingly, TL had to remind me of what it was the other day as I had wiped the drive in my memory banks as it is unimportant information to me in not using it.

Thank you for your support, and thank all of you for your support. One year ago, we had Bush fam intrigue and faced with the disaster or our genocide, and with just a little effort, we now have Donald Trump, President Elect.......and Hillary Clinton flapping in the waves like a downed duck.

We must keep on and will keep on, in prayers and showing God that we are sincere.

I did not reckon on Ted Cruz, being that devious and criminal. He was a more difficult operation than Jeb Bush, but Tedwardo ran for his Canuck life.........and it was part of the purpose in posting the reality that Ted Cruz has neutralized the Texas vote in Cruz's vote theft, as certain as other states now have the humiliation and crime at the convention.
That is a sore spot which ends anything Ted Cruz 2024 or any Bushling which follows.

Donald Trump is doing well........just need the Lame Cherry to mix this up a bit in the Biden, Sanders and Clinton paradigm, as the voters there dislike each other intensely, but are well trained lemmings. Simply have to break the training and set them free.
We have Inspiration to prevail in being on God's side.