Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Matt Walsh Admits To Child Endangerment Of His Own Children


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There was a damning admission today in the pontification of the Queen of the Cucks, Matt Walsh, the incendiary armed backer of election fraud Ted Cruz and it was this statement:

We have all looked away from our kids for a second and turned back just in time to stop them from doing something potentially fatal.
Matt Walsh
The Blaze
May 30th, 2016

Seriously.......no Matt Walsh, we have not all been so non parental, that the children God gave us are to be ignored for a moment, as we are gulping shots of whiskey, getting a tattoo or loading up our little girl 410 to pose for pictures with on the internet.

This kind of admission from Matt Walsh is an admission of child abuse, child endangerment and requires immediate investigation by children's welfare, for the sake of the innocent being neglected by Matt Walsh.

So what is this all about? Mrs. Walsh leaves the girls with Matt, and he is too busy in hate column of racism against Trump supporters that he did not take the time to teach the children not to take daddy's gun out and point it at baby sister?

Matt Walsh is an arrogant conduit of the Jesuit worst out of  the Vatican. His employer has now twice been investigated by the Secret Service for threatening Donald Trump, and rightly Glenn Beck has been banned from satellite radio. It is past time for the sake of Mrs. Walsh and the Walsh children, to be protected from this hateful maniac.

Here is a late quote from Matt Walsh, trying to make 30 pieces of silver over the horrid tragedy in which a child, somehow made it into a gorilla cage, and the gorilla was shot. Walsh is busy again hiking up emotions and tensions for readership, as he does not care about any of the victims, and is seeking to make a lynch mob to murder more people, as he says this to someone who was upset an innocent animal was killed for the sake of this Afroid child.

This is not the rambling of a fringe nutjob. Well, he is a nutjob, but he’s not fringe. Many people feel the same way.

So in Matt Walsh world, the majority of people are not to show compassion on an ape, whose existence ended in a tragedy. Apparently in Matt Walsh's construct then, we should all be pleased the zoo did not have adequate child barriers, that Africans are breeding like rats in Africa, so there is no place for apes, as wildlife has no value there, another Afroid family like Walsh's was not intelligent enough to care for their child in Obama Super Depression, and what we should do, is criminally spike the story with race hatred in order to gain viewer hits, and infuriate people, so Matt Walsh can have a bigger paycheck.

I apologize, but this blogger will not sell jewskin lampshades because the market is good.

Matt Walsh has admitted he is a danger to his children. He has admitted neglect. He has admitted in print he is raising those young girls in a psychotic home of Matt posing with his girl-gun to threaten readers who disagree, as the girls are apparently trying to throw radios into the other's bath as Matt is too busy using his terror keyboard.

As is the reality, Glenn Beck has now been banned, and is under Secret Service investigation. It is time that Matt Walsh be fired and come under the full investigative weight of several regime agencies.

Matt Walsh likes to clothe himself in a cloak of religion, which allows him to be judge, jury and executioner for profits, as he links a dead gorilla to aborticide, and condemning all those who have compassion on this innocent ape in a cage.

The fact is if Matt Walsh were Christ's, was Holy Ghost Inspired, this tattoo drunken Jesuit would have had brought to mind that in the Prophet Jonah, God repented of destroying Nineveh and told the Prophet who was upset over that Mercy:

And should not I spare Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more then sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand; and also much cattle?

Jonah 4:11

To translate that, God loves stupid people and God loves animals, for both are the creation of His hand.

The world of Matt Walsh is propaganda designed to pit people against each other for profit and control. It is a crime against humanity. The world is a big enough place to have compassion on aborted children, children with stupid parents and a dead ape.

We can do nothing about the dead, but we can as a people do something to protect those yet living, and the reality is Matt Walsh's children need protection from his negligence as Matt Walsh admitted that he endangers them and is an unfit parent.