Saturday, May 7, 2016

What Paul Ryan Wants From Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Byron York did a very good forensic analysis of the "brain speak" of Paul Ryan in the now infamous Jake Tapper interview in which Ryan keeps repeating the words principles and unity. For the fine job York did, it was wasted trying to analyze any of this, because not even "What Paul Ryan wants?" is correct, as it is really WHAT PAUL RYAN WHINES.

That is the fact, in even Ryan has no fucking clue what he wants, because this is not about Donald Trump. This is about 2012 when Ryan cost the GOP the Presidency, as he could not deliver Wisconsin, could not deliver Conservatives and could not beat a faggot like Birther Obama and brain dead Biden.

That is what this is all about. It is about Paul Ryan, going through Ted Cruz syndrome in not ever getting over American Conservatives telling him to piss off.
That is what Ryan is so nuts over in this "conservative" label, as he really wants to be a man......that is why this puss boy grew a beard as Speaker..........he was hiding behind a manly beard as pussy.

Paul Ryan is a pussy. That is why he takes selfies like Anthony Wiener showing the pipes. That is what fags do, fags who have lost face, and can not get over America rejecting them, or their being too pussy in not being able to beat a lightweight like Obama.

So you get this, what Byron York was trying to grasp in what Ryan wants, it is not something York can even imagine, as York thinks this is about political power........when this is about Paul Ryan not liking his new step daddy, and is up in his room pouting, thinking he is in control, because he has the remote.

Paul Ryan is a not weaned yet 5 year old, still shitting in his diaper, because he is not potty trained. What Paul Ryan wants is for Donald Trump to change little Paul's diaper and make a big deal out of the shit Ryan produced. Ryan wants to be told by daddy that he is a man for shitting in his Pampers and that the entire world should be liking the smell of the turds Ryan's little fag ass scoots out.

Yes Paul Ryan wants Donald Trump to walk into a meeting, pull Ryan's pants down, take off Ryan's Pampers, wipe his bottom with a wet one, lather on the Desenex, cinch up a new diaper, and then wave the old turd rag around for the press to sniff, so they can all marvel at Ryan shit, and lament that in 2012 America did not make it part of the mandatory food group.

What Ryan needs in reality is for Donald Trump to just show up at Capitol Hill, for the Secret Service to bitch slap Ryan, and when he is crying for Baron von Trump to walk over and say, "I have a message you fag boy from my dad, President Elect Donald Trump. You're Fired!!!", and then Baron von Trump can walk over and carve his initials into what was Ryan's desk.

Now that we know that this is all about Americans rejecting this faggot Paul Ryan, who has now bait and switched John Boehner out of office to be the new Obamaboy on the back nine, this can be dealt with in Ryan is pouty that Americans chose, adore, love and worship Donald Trump Conservatism in a right wing of common sense, nationalism, patriotism and populism, not involved in torching senior citizens on Social Security and replacing the greedy geezers with Mexican slaves and Muslim terrorists, because the odd thing is, is most Americans do not have a Mexican sucking their fag dick at home and are not paying for it all with Muslim oil terror money, like all the Ryan GOPliters.

Paul Ryan wants to be a little boy, having a tantrum on the floor, rolling around in his shit pants, hoping Donald Trump will tell him that his shit does not stink. America has far too many of these Ted Cruz turdy boys, and is ready to get rid of turd Obama from the White House to begin an American era again.

Mr. Trump has better things to do than pamper Paul Ryan in Pampers, and so does America.


The world has changed, as I recommend a New York Times ed by Maureen Dowd, as it is very good satire, but at the heart of it, is Dowd exposing how every one of these phonies who have hijacked Conservatism from Cockerboy Limbaugh to Pamper Ryan are not Conservative and never have been.
That is the face of the anti Trump traitor movement.