Monday, May 2, 2016

When Sin is all there is to Answer For

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My children, the reproof of Leland was not accepted and now this has followed:

Unfortunately God isn't a he or she....but then bible freaks tend to not get that...

From a logical and intellectual examination, it would not be "unfortunate", if God was female or male, as favor or the state of being fortunate is not dependent upon God being one gender or the other. It is unfortunate though that a quasi intellectual in attempting to use language as an intimidation weapon, would be myopic in not utilizing the English language correctly.
It is even more unfortunate for a quasi intellectual to be unmasked by their foolishness, and then degrade to common olde Anglo verbiage in the failed attacks of "freaks" and the verb "get" which lacks the sophistication of Norman French influence.

The correct verbal assault upon a woman, would be, not to choose the male / female basis in the opening assault,  as in the Old Testament God is defined by the Holy Ghost Inspiration of the Prophets 13 occurrences and Christ terms God as the Father over 150 occurrences in the New Testament. It would open to counter debate point and a loss of appearing informed.
Furthermore, instead of "freak" the correct term of assault on a woman would be "bigot" as that is a prejudiced position and instead of "tend", as this is not a tendency, but a factual assessment based upon the revelation of God by God, would be "conclude", followed by instead of "not get that" as that exposes a menial lack of knowledge for, "an incorrect assessment".

So when someone insults this woman, the correct insult should be:

God is not a male or female.....incorrectly, Bible bigots conclude a delusive assessment.

This though is a great deal to expect of those who hide in intellectual bullying, when exposed they react emotionally, and then the short Anglo verbiage appears, revealing the base background in which they were reared.

This is more than those who bully would appreciate to have known, that they expect a dollar donation, gives them the purchase of a relationship, like in prostitution, where they can dazzle the whore held captive, and then judge her for being inferior, as that is what the transaction was hoped for from the beginning.

When the abuse was rejected, one last slap to the "bitch" was necessary after the involuntary reaction of "laughter", masking again the inner fury always lurking beneath the surface.

Of course if Leland were a gentleman or wise, he would have accepted the reproof and apologized, but instead, two more contacts, and of course they will be the last as Leland would never be on this site reading things and stalking about, thinking this was flattering.

All that is left is more sin to answer for.

Proverbs 12:15

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.


PS: I do want to thank all of the civil Ladies and Gentlemen out there as I do appreciate your efforts.