Friday, June 17, 2016

A Fetus for Her Necklace

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Around a decade ago,  Jeff Rense featured Fredrick Douglas, and most people do not understand this Black Republican was an agitator. When asked for advice one day, his response was, "Agitate, Agitate!!!"

That describes Katrina Pierson of the Trump campaign. In a world of the sleaziest and smarmiest trash, which was angling to hijack the Tea Party or the fraud of Ted Cruz putting a Nigger girl as poster child, Ms. Pierson has played the game effectively well.
She reminds me the Americans Theodore Roosevelt wrote of in the Northwest, that would be the Ohio Valley, who would begin the day with a trading a horse and end it with skinning a wolf, because in order to survive in that world, you had to take the opportunity where it arose.

I simply admire this woman in wearing bullet necklaces and then countering with this:

I think it is fantastic that her mind constructs debate points, using the same guise that leftists have used to overthrow the moral world. It makes me wonder just what it would take to freeze dry a half dozen tissues of black babies, dunk them into some varnish, and thread them on a necklace.
The Ashkenaz have made millions out of persecuting Germans over Jew skin lamps which never happened, so what is the harm in buying a half dozen tissue, fetus or whatever it is called, from Planned Parenthood and make them stable, and wear them around your neck.

For that matter, I am sure special effects could make a bunch of them and there certainly would not be any regulations in that. Knowing Millennials they would be wearing them on everything, and be so clueless, they would never comprehend what they were......probably think they ware Austin Powers tiny mini me.

It is of special note that Huffington Post, targeted Katrina Pierson with Michelle Fields. You remember Fields in that gotcha story against Corey Lewandowski? Well she is now trying to add to the smear stack against Pierson.......but does give the affirmation that Pierson was not doing the sloppy on Ted Cruz, but was content in allowing Ted Cruz let everyone think he was dicking her.
Now Fields does not write it that way, but that is the fact in Cruz was the one content to let people think he was banging the black chic, and after he used her, he never offered this self starter any rewards in his election, and then refused to endorse her........while his old man did.

The one thing I am certain about in Katrina Pierson, in she would not be working for Donald Trump, if she was not doing her job. If she is rising, that means others are not doing their jobs or screwing up. That is the way it is in politics. Do your job or someone else willing to give 150% will be doing the job.

For the most part, the people who Donald Trump hired for his campaign, were the people that were used and rejected by the fraud in the GOP. They had reputations though for getting the job done and not being timid in a world where the Jeb Bush's are expected to have everyone step back, and the Donald Trump's step forward.

Katrina Pierson is allot like a cow I have named Posey. I was going to sell her mother because she would not take calves, then she took a calf, the she refused, and when I was going to sell her, she hurt her shoulder, and as she healed up, she had a calf and took that calf.
She finally died and the vet had to c section the calf out which was early, but that calf was Posey, who the vet's children raised and she finally returned here.
A few days ago Posey's calf was not feeling well, so Posey ran to where I was to get me to check on things.

Ms. Pierson had such a life in if not for peculiar circumstances she would not be alive. If not for the abuse of Ted Cruz, she would not be in a unique position advocating for the Tea Party while working for Donald Trump.
In this election cycle, she is approaching what Val-erie Jarrett is for the Obama's. If she can continue on to advocate for the right wing in America inside the White House, this is the Militant Conservative America needs, as Donald Trump says, a competent woman will do the job of 100 men.

Katrina Pierson is doing something right, as the left is worried about her. That is the worry all of us can appreciate.

Pierson identifies herself as African-American in interviews and court documents. She has referred to Obama as the “head negro” and criticized him for not truly being African-American — even though both were born to a white mother and black father. “Perfect Obama’s dad born in Africa, Mitt Romney’s dad born in Mexico. Any pure breeds left?” she tweeted in 2012.

That is the way you play wordcraft. Agitate, Agitate, Agitate.