Friday, June 17, 2016

Brexit the Wog

Page three girls' here to stay, says new Sun editor |

                                What England Fights For

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It seems amazing comparing the Norwegians throwing Andres Breivik into prison in his heroic actions to save Europe, that the Brits of the Dungeon have something of King Henry in them yet, because after British Nationalist executed Member of Parliament Jo Cox, the Muslim cuddler, that the British have been inspired in knowing they can fight back against their masters, and the polls are surging for exit from the EU.

Cameron's govt could come crashing down...

POLL: EU support falls after MP murder...

ITV delays publication of opinion poll after shooting...

Europe's far-right parties hope for Brexit boost...

Granted the British have as crooked of polls as America, but this is heartening, in the leftists thought this was going to be the corpse to beat the English to death with, and instead the English in their hearts are cheering.

I am quite proud of the English. It reminds me of tying bloody damn wogs to cannons and touching off the fuse. I simply did not think they had it in them any more to be like Henry and Elizabeth, but here a gardener rises up, and the English like the taste of blood.

I am sorry for this though, as I was hoping that America would get this exiled gardener as England likes sending slaves and criminals to the colonies, but now it appears that Thomas Mair might just with a resurgent English line, not waste away in prison but be knighted Lord Gardener, and tasked with executing all of the traitors in England.

Who knows, exposed breasts in the Page 3 girls might also retake their honored place in Merry olde England.

How novel, a mere subject of the Queen, rising up to save Britain, by simply face shooting and foot long knife hacking a member of parliament.

Certainly fox hunting will be next to stir the English heart........oh and drawing and quartering.......shooting the wogs for sport on London green. Tally Ho and Pip Pip olde chap.

Rule Britannia 
Britannia rules the Thames
All of England north
And south England all the same

Rule Britannia
God save the Queen
But most important of all
God make our kills quick and clean

"I say there olde cock. With all those Muslim wog balls on the streets, my pussy gained a stone. Castrating gives one an appetite, what not eh? Smoke me up two kippers and a fried slice, as after a pinter of ale, I will be off to try out a dozen wanting sand niggers for real English cock."