Friday, June 3, 2016

A Nuclear Watermelon Seed Between Your Digits

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was perplexed by the Raytheon pulse power units being delivered to the United States Navy in the next generation of warfare. Not because of the pulse unit, but .........let me explain.

Think of this as an electro magnet driver. There are opposing forces between magnetic fields called the Lorenz Effect. Think of what a pulse weapon does is your holding a watermelon seed between your fingers and it squirts it a warhead.

What perplexes me is one can make a charge wall with this same system, like a nuclear warhead could hit this wall.....or like a fighter jet.

No that is not what perplexes me, because I like Star Trek things. No what perplexes me is what if you had a pulse unit, and you shot the pulse down an electrical wire?
I will make this easy in this is called EMP which makes things perplexingly dark.

Want to join me on another ride? You will like this one as the Lame Cherry is the last nuclear warfare expert. So you got a pulse unit, and you aim it at.......say a nuclear power plant in some location as a breeder, like Pyongyang and Tehran have an affection for.........hey even a nuclear warhead, and with this pulse literally compress the fissionable material for a detonation on site.

Some heavy handed thug might just collapse a power plant too at the core, not wanting to be sophisticated or pretty about things.......too many males in the mix, as us girls come up with the creative stuff.

Just things to think about. Not like someone can put this into their pocket and go for a walk about, but then there is that Dr. Who thing of big things in small packages and the miniaturization of electronics. I will not go into that as humanity is not at a point that it could learn of toys like this.

Time to close this down, as the matrix opens to me and I know things and then forget things.

Nuff Said