Friday, June 3, 2016

2016 Operation Paradigm Pool

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What if I were to tell you that there is a plan to bring about Obama's 3rd term, Obama's 4th, Obama's 5th term, and it deals with Joe Biden in term 3, and Elizabeth Warren in terms 4 and 5.

The snots will say of course that is obvious, but they have no comprehension as how it would be initiated that Joe Biden, entering the race before the November elections would take 70% of the vote in a landslide, without vote fraud.

This is how it will be conducted, after this Bill Kristol and Gary Johnson nonsense is rejected by Americans.

You first have to come to terms with a reality that this blog proved in June 2013, that Barack Hussein Obama died in the White House bunker on the 13th of that month. He was poisoned, and in order to keep the presidency, a shapeshifter was brought in, and what you are looking at now are walking skins of Obama. Yes too much information for you to process and you are in rejection mode, but the basis of this is, is that Birther Hussein left the building and is now in a vault, dumped into the Pacific, with Joe Biden acting as defacto President since that time, with full knowledge of Mrs. Obama and Val-erie Jarrett.

So the 2016 scenario arrives with this, in the image Obama simply has to be removed, as all black men die young of heart stroke, so we have this shocking news of "mourning", and it puts all Obama crimes off the table.
The news dominates then in President Biden looking all LBJ sorrowful, and a sorrowful America is guilted into voting for Biden, as he does not need to be winning primaries  as he is President and head of the democratic ticket.

Hillary Clinton of course is 'indicted" in October, forced to step down, and with the election already stolen from Bernie Sanders, it is a repeat of 1964 in those elections, which wiped out Barry Goldwater for the guilt vote of JFK's brains splattered all over Dallas.

You watch what week of bawling does to the electorate in stifling Donald Trump, as it progresses to a month of mourning in all things democratic are untouchable.

That is how the election is stolen in 2016, and it has been written about previously here.........and other areas which hinted that the image Obama would be sacrificed.

The reason for publishing the above, is to throw a monkey wrench in this time line and diffuse it again. It is a bit hard to carry out an operation like this, if it has already been published on the blog, as it would lose it's effect and it would be a waste of one good skin job.

OK that is the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Have to keep the time line as it is flowing for President Donald Trump and no paradigm shifts.

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