Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Tale of Two Fosters


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is fitting with Hillary Clinton stealing the democratic election from Bernie Sanders, for a revistation to the murder of Vince Foster.

It was murder, due to the autopsy fact that there was one gun shot to the head of Mr. Foster and another smaller hole at the base of his brain. This could have been a 22 caliber bullet hole or a puncture wound. The problem with the 22 answer is lack of powder burns.

In one world George Stephanopoulos records that Foster was a mountain of strength. Hillary Clinton and Foster's brother in law had no idea he was suicidal.
In another world, there is Hillary Clinton savagely ripping apart Foster in the White House and blaming him for all the Clinton failures, where Foster was depressed for two weeks, and sulked by a pool with Clinton insiders, according to the FBI.

The Truth is always something in between.  The FBI can be trusted. Ken Starr is a fraud who covered up evidence, and it has been proven in his praising the Clintons, in why he was chosen.

So what happened really? We know Foster left the White House around 1 PM. We know his body was officially discovered at Fort Marcy Park, across from the Saudi Embassy.
We know that Stephanopoulos lied and covered up Hillary Clinton berating Foster. We know Foster was grousing about someone stealing over a million dollars from his bank accounts in his money laundering activity.

What logic points to is a revelation that there were a number of White House "off property houses" where people could go, or meaning that Vince Foster could go for laisons, as much as Hillary Clinton for sexual laisons.

It is logical that Foster was soul raped by Hillary Clinton and was wounded. I doubt suicidal. He was thinking about resigning as the work environment was hostile. There was probably an off White House meet, between Foster and whoever who would not condone someone as well placed as Foster leaving the inner circle.
I doubt this was a lover's quarrel of passion with Mrs. Clinton. The would appears too professional. Someone either shot Vince Foster with a Ruger Mark I with silencer at distance to avoid powder burns, or an appropriate ice pick type device to the brain murdered Foster.

The body was left for discovery, at the safe house, which of course reeked of a sex house for the Clintons.

There was a security wing who Mrs. Clinton employed to murder pets of the women who accused Bill Clinton, but it was not this group, because there was planning in this which had insider knowledge. It is logical to assess that whoever neutralized Foster, made certain the appropriate Clinton clean up crew was in the discovery chain, from an implanted Secret Service or it was one of HW Bush's sub operational groups was part of the discovery process of the body.
Murder in a sex house makes bad headlines, so it became suicide with another bullet to the brain. The Clinton's were unprepared and exactly like the FBI files with Hillary's fingerprints on it appeared on her coffee table in setting her up for blackmail, Foster's body was rolled up in a rug, the NSA surveillance was wiped in who dumped the body, and Fort Marcy Park was chosen to implicate the Saudi's.

Commit a murder, make it headlines, cover up the murder with a suicide that the White House is implicated in, and then blackmail the White House to your positions, and as you are powerful enough to murder White House aids, you are powerful enough to appoint Ken Starr to do your cover up for you, negating the FBI and evidence, just as in JFK's murder.

Personally, I appreciate the workings of this operation, as it was a live fire textbook case worked to perfection, and no one knows to this day who did this, except for what is now hinted at here, and no one cares as this is spinning around at this opportune time again to become a problem for Hillary Clinton in order to blackmail or destroy her again, depending on how this all plays out.

Hillary Clinton knows a great deal of this, and is part of all of the murderous filth and sodomy which she keeps hidden away.  Vince Foster was supposed to be her friend, colleague and lover, and she dumped him quicker than a spoiled tuna steak to the curb. This always a tough business, but that is the business it is in the halls of power.

The reality is Vince Foster was murdered. There was a cover up. The Clinton's could have cared less. The Clinton's were blackmailed, and Vince Foster is being dragged around the park again, so those who decided "he could not just quit" will protect themselves and blackmail what they desire from Hamrod again.

It is what it is, and absolutely no different than wildebeest offering up their calf to the lions, and all the hyenas watching for their bone to chew on. Vince Foster is the same offering and there is still a bone to be chewed on for old time's sake.