Saturday, June 18, 2016

Trump White Paper: Prosequi Judicium Proditor: Paul Ryan Must Be Dealt With

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When in the course of human events, a group of traitors has overthrow the Republic of these United States of America, and imprisoned the entire American people to be intimidated, murdered and replaced by foreign militants, it is at this juncture that these absolutes are certain:

America has been in a state of perpetual Terror War since September 11th, 2001. Therefore America is under the Military Law of the President of the United States.




The question of how to deal with traitors and colluders is answered in the wartime rule of President Abraham Lincoln. The chain of command is as follows:

President Abraham Lincoln
Secretary of State William H. Seward
Transferred to:
Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton
Judge Advocate General Joseph Holt

These are the following facts in law enforcement in time of war, in 1 out 1500 people were arrested with warrants issued for this group.

Even so, the lowest estimate is 13,535 arrests from February 15, 1862, to the end of the war. At least 866 others occurred from the beginning of the war until February 15, 1862. Therefore, at least 14,401 civilians were arrested by the Lincoln administration. If one takes the population of the North during the Civil War as 22.5 million (using the 1860 census and counting West Virginia but not Nevada), then one person out of every 1,563 in the North was arrested during the Civil War.
 Edwin M. Stanton in the War Department, Seward happily surrendered his authority over internal security. No one describes Stanton as anything but stern, and he in turn relied heavily on an even sterner man, Joseph Holt, the judge advocate general, to handle internal security. Holt's belief that the North was teeming with hundreds of thousands of traitors well organized in the Knights of the Golden Circle apparently exceeded the president's fears on this score, but Lincoln was content to allow a man haunted by such fears to exercise vast authority in internal security matters.

As Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has declared civil war upon America, and is threatening President Donald Trump, it is within the full authority of President Trump to appoint a JAG, from the Civilians to issue the arrest warrants, against all sedition, invasion and aliens.

Sec. Seward on the little bell which he had placed on his desk.

"THE LITTLE BELL," 1861–65."My Lord, I can touch a bell on my right hand, and order the arrest of a citizen of Ohio; I can touch a bell again, and order the imprisonment of a citizen of New York; and no power on earth, except that of the President, can release them. Can the Queen of England do so much?" Secretary Seward to Lord Lyons 

Just as Nuremberg saw the trials against those guilty of crimes against humanity, whether Paul Ryan is primaried in Wisconsin or continues, a Judge Advocate General will be in place to issue warrants against Paul Ryan on the charges:

International Human Traffick
High Crimes against the Laws of the United States
Collusion in attempting to genocide the American People

The Lame Cherry advocates the JAG as this office was instituted by General George Washington to safeguard Americans, and this office is within full scope of applying a full remedy against the most powerful magnets of politics and conglomerates to be brought before the American People for absolute Justice.

I suggest the following, if they comprehend this will involve public executions in hangings, and the issue of supplemental warrants for those who protest these court actions, to be considered for Judge Advocate General, being commissioned as Brigadier General, and answering only to the Secretary of War and the President, with reviews of their cases and pardons only granted by the President.

James Webb: Secretary of the Navy, Senator Virginia, Marine
Mark Levin: Chief of Staff Edwin Meese,  Deputy Solicitor Department of Interior
Liz Cheney: Juris Doctorate University Chicago Law School, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

This cancer upon the body of American politic can not be allowed to continue. It must be  dealt with severely, upon the legal precedents of the United States. The problem in America is not  the People, but the treachery and sedition of the 1% feudal few who deem themselves immune to prosecution and the full weight of sentencing.

The answer is the Judge Advocate General, to arrest anyone by warrant from Speaker Paul Ryan to Chief Justice John Roberts for crimes against the American People.

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