Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Congratulations President Elect Donald John Trump

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With profound appreciation to the perseverance of the American People in overcoming the GOPliter intrigue, Delegarchs, Billionaire treachery and Ted Cruz vote fraud and assault upon the voters in lynching Black candidate Ben Carson and criminal delegate bribery, Americans have bestowed the victory upon Donald John Trump, as the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, the Republican Candidate for the Presidency of these United States.

What a glorious victory this is for Americans, who threw out their insiders and Obama enablers, and chose Donald Trump, the man who is going where America has already begun the journey on, in taking America Back and Making America Great Again.

June 7th, 2016 is a victory for Americans, all Americans. This victory for Donald Trump is a victory for Bernie Sanders and every one of his voters, whether they choose to accept it or not, for while Hillary Clinton has committed more crimes in election fraud, with the latest in voter suppression in collusion with the Associated Press, criminally declaring herself the Democratic nominee when she did not have the delegates to steal more primaries from Bernie Sanders.
Mr. Sanders was not strong enough to overcome the Clinton Criminal Machine, but the Republicans were in their primaries, and by this it now falls to Donald Trump to incorporate the policies which Bernie Sanders and his supporters advocate, for many of them are the same in putting Americans first, and freeing all of us from the insiders.

As I write this, Donald Trump has entered a landslide of victories:

California 79%
Montana 72%
New Jersey 80%
New Mexico 72%
South Dakota 67%

Those are overwhelming Republican voting numbers of Citizens now united behind Donald Trump and moving toward the defeat of Obama's 3rd term in Hillary Clinton.

This is a night of Two Americas, the Best of America and the Worst of America. The Best in Donald Trump with Americans overcoming the criminals in their elite, and Democrats being overcome by the criminals in their elite.

It is a night that dawns into a summer and an autumn where Americans will either vote for their lives or have their lives stolen from them.

Donald Trump on this night is the President Elect of these disUnited States. Republicans have made it a fact of President Donald Trump, not Jeb Bush, not Ted Cruz, not Marco Rubio, in all of their intrigue and no 200 million dollar Newt Gingrich's.

This is President Donald Trump. All of this intrigue stops in the Republican Party or it will be visited with criminal indictments in 2017. The hand is now out as it always has been out to the Bernie Sanders voters who are the victims of Hillary Clinton. Whether Bernie Sanders wants to be rescued or not, Donald Trump and his supporters are now willing to rescue each of the Sanders voters, as Ronald Reagan rescued Democrats in 1980 from the failings of Jimmy Carter.

Hillary Clinton is going to lead us to more Obama wars, more debt in school loans and in life, and to an American Holocaust. Hillary Clinton has abused every Bernie Sanders voter as she abused the criminal justice system.

The choice is, the only choice in Donald Trump, President Elect Donald Trump, with November now only a formality.

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