Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Donald Trump Genius

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Joel Skousen is someone in the right wing media who is very knowledgeable on politics. His reports are a real insider's view of what insider speak is. For those who do not recognize it, I can tell you that if you ever listen to Rush Limbaugh being 'thoughtful', you are hearing the briefing points from Reinse Priebus as they are scripted for him by the elite.

That is what I will to address in this current LaRatza Judge "racism", as the insiders forever are on talking points and worry over what the media is smearing Republicans with, but not any of them ever think out of the box in what Donald Trump is always about in the Art of the Deal.

Let me take you to a Lame Cherry time when all of you were hiding behind your keyboards, terrified of being called racists in 2009, and this blog was water cannon hosed with those charges again.
What did the Lame Cherry do?

The term AFROID sound familiar? Yes my children, when you are smeared for saying something, you just keep repeating Nigger, until everyone stops being shocked by a word which is no more abhorrent than Cracker.

So what happens when Donald Trump correctly calls the LaRatza Judge in California a Mexican, which he is, which he is wed to in a movement to return most of the American West to the Mexican Empire, and is part of a Hillary Clinton smear job against Mr. Trump with the GOPliters to stoke the racial issue, which has been in the process since day one?

It focuses the entire country on an issue by slapping the awareness factor, where Mr. Trump then explains about how many Latins he employs and how much he appreciates Latins, in a huge media cycle like Michelle Fields in the Ted Cruz Wisconsin smears, and what was the result, but Mr. Trump rose in polling with women, as he is rising in the polling with Mexicans.

Donald Trump could have settled the Trump University blackmail case, but chose not to. He chose to keep this issue out there, because he knew it would be used against him by Hillary Clinton and the Clit Jeb Bush who popped up again on command. Trump U has an almost 100% approval rating, so this is another non issue, like calling Mexicans, Mexicans is nothing anyone cares about, except the smear artists.

Understand this, in Bernie Sanders WON California. Hillary Clinton with her insiders set up 2% wins for her in South Dakota and New Mexico, and there is not any way that the California polling was not in the least off that far. Clinton was handed a vote fraud victory.

Hillary Clinton had to steal this from Bernie Sanders in vote fraud, and her campaign is based on LaRatza making war on America.

Donald Trump in his victory from Americans, won his nomination over those trying to steal it from him and America. This was done with LaRatza smears, exactly as in the former smears against Mr. Trump.

Consider this was the 100 Days exclamation point to get Mr. Trump, by the fat little white boys, and all  they could come up with is taking the  rope Mr. Trump gave them, and when they pulled with their unendorsements, America pulled back and by landslide nominated Donald Trump.

I started this out by stating LET TRUMP BE TRUMP, and that is what Donald Trump needs to do, as his instincts are sound in speech and action.

I will state this now factually. You have seen the intrigue of Gingrich and Kristol, in this tease endorsement and their pull quick pull out, as part of the scheme with LaRatza. You know that Hillary Clinton is not going to be President. There is a criminal indictment awaiting Mrs. Clinton and the Obama regime does not want this woman in his 3rd term.

Joel Skousen is spot on in stating that Sanders voters will split 30 for Trump, 30 for Clinton, 30 for leftists Green and Libertarian. Donald Trump is not going to lose his voters. He will gain in all Democratic groups as I stated from the start. The fact is that 3rd party, with this fraud Gary Johnson of the leftist Libertarians has put on globalist William Weld on the ticket...............what no one has told you, and that is what the Lame Cherry is breaking in another exclusive in matter anti matter, is the fact that THERE NEVER WAS A THIRD PARTY, never has been a Ted Cruz nominee...........what was designed was Bill Kristol to keep feinting to district about a 3rd party while the big money with Weld has bought Johnson to use him as Ron Paul to try and defeat Donald Trump.
I am going to run the numbers on this for you, and the fact is, Gary Johnson, the sodomite, dope head, defense cutter, Jesus hater, ONLY appeals to Clinton liberals. Johnson hurts Clinton and does not hurt Donald Trump.

I have not mentioned the game to this point, to let these miserable traitors keep at their game, just as Donald Trump has allowed them to keep at it, because in the end we have all witnessed the Art of the Deal in Donald Trump closed the deal in being the Republican Nominee and is growing stronger every day.

Do not be misled into thinking the Mr. Trump teleprompter speech was a change for Mr. Trump. That is simply to settle the Joel Skoursen types who fixate on straight little rows and spend the summer contemplating what to do with that carrot which just happened to be growing outside of the row.

Joel Skousen is a good American. He was suckered by Cruz, but woke up and is now voting for Donald Trump. It is not too much to ask in Donald Trump reads a teleprompter for this group to settle them down, so they vote for Mr. Trump.

The conspirators exposed their hand today. They expected to stampede the electorate again to humiliate Mr. Trump, but in the end of June 7th, Donald Trump sealed the deal with Americans who voted overwhelmingly for him.

Donald Trump got the conspirators to carry his delegates to Cleveland and left them holding the empty bag.

That is the genius of Donald Trump.