Monday, June 20, 2016

Coup des Corey

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Hosea 7:16

They return, but not to the most High: they are like a deceitful bow: their princes shall fall by the sword for the rage of their tongue: this shall be their derision in the land of Egypt.

I got up this morning and was perplexed as to why the Holy Ghost was talking to me again about a Bible verse that I had addressed here. I was contemplating what He was speaking about in thinking perhaps it was just a multiplied warning, and then I noted as many of you did that the Trump campaign sacked Corey Lewandowski.

I spent two hours mulling this over while watering potatoes in the drought which is beginning in America and I was displeased. TL upon learning of the news from me, was upset, as numbers of people were upset.

I simply have one question for Donald John Trump as his children certainly have gotten the Lord's attention, and it will follow at the end of this:

There were many who put it on the line for Corey Lewandowski when the Michelle Fields insiders attempted that smear against him, and to accomplish something against Mr. Trump which I will not reveal, but it is plain in the video if you are observing it.

I happened to be a sapper in the wire. I do the dirty work so the Trumps can go home like the Cruz's, Obama's, McConnell's etc... to their lavish lifestyles and pretend like the voters that all of this is the Yellow Brick Road, over the rainbow.
I am a heavy lifter. Corey Lewandowski was a heavy lifter. I see what happens to heavy lifters in that the Trump children as I warned, get panicked by the Mockingbird propaganda, get herded to the GOPliters, and think Manafort is their god protector, and then gather for the putsch to stick the knife into Corey Lewandowski, as now that the dirty work is done........they think, they think that now they can settle down with the pigs at the table, and all will wear human clothes and they are accepted by the pigs at the table........they think.

What I first noted today was this Tweet from a Trump employee:

Minutes after news of Lewandowski's departure was announced, Trump aide Michael Caputo tweeted, "Ding dong the witch is dead!" and included a link to the song from the film, "The Wizard of Oz."

I waited all day, and not a single disavowal of this.

This was stupid.

I will state it again so the Trump campaign gets it, as this was really stupid.

I come from a world in which I have been shit on my entire life. I have been cheated, soul raped, tortured, abused, assaulted, for doing the right thing. Like the 95 million Americans who are not employed, I do not go home to gold plated faucets. I am sort of like Corey Lewandowski, fucked over by the GOP non stop, like all America has been. I see the working class Polack fired, when Manafort, the guy in charge of the loser Bob Dole campaign, set down ultimatums in it is Lewandowski or him...........I see the Trump children then in a panic, and getting the old man to do the deed, thinking from their gold plated faucet world that the step up is stomping on the political corpse of Corey Lewandowski.

What the Trump children never contemplate in their assassination of convenience is the way this plays in the world of real people. The things the chimps in the zoo see, when one of their own is tossed over the fence to the crocodiles, because the wardens are upset the chimp is flipping them the bird.

In 2008, you had the entire Afroid community believing the illusion that Obama was going to put them all into mansions, and all they got was a turkey on Thanksgiving. So you get this Donald John Trump, the people  out in America have their illusions. They like telling themselves that you are going to reward them for their standing with you. They think you are going to notice how special they are and hire them.
Of course it is all fantasy of what we would do with a million dollars, or what a popular girl would do after saving your ass several times in being rewarded, but it is the fantasy we daydream about in our shitty lives. We want to believe in something as our world is poverty, being criminalized by the state and knowing genocide awaits us.

We believe all the bullshit, make excuses  for you Donald John, and then your children, who you are swayed, Joel Skoursen, Donald Trump's weakness is not having nice things said about him, but that wrecking crew of children he listens to, who have not had a day in the real world of shit under their fingernails and understanding how God sees things..............and then you come along Donald John Trump and can a hot headed Polack, and you let one of your employees, just like that old Butler, get his life shattered not by Hillary Clinton, not by Ted Cruz, but from inside the Trump campaign, who think it is expedient to not just cold cock that Polack as they did the old Butler, but then take a piss on him and post it on Twitter.

You pissed this up Donald John.

I will repeat this, and I will explain something which has probably been missed in the prayer for you yesterday, and it is something which has been troubling me.

God rose you up Donald John Trump, not you. God chose you to be a Jehu as a tool in God's hand to see what His children would do. As in the days of Esther, you either do the job you were put into position for, or God will find someone who will, and it might just be Jesus in His return.
I have been troubled from the beginning of this, in that for all of your brilliance Mr. Trump, you do not completely understand where this is going and what it will require of you. I have been concerned that like Ivan the Terrible, there is going to be some troubling event inflicted on your life by satan, to transform you into the tyrant you will have to be in part, because you listen to the tiara wearer and little lord fauntlerboys.
I will not save you from a path against God's Will for God's Will, will be accomplished.

So the question in this Donald John Trump, is the message today that you wanted sent of being led around by your children, knocking working class Polacks off and pissing on them, all for GOPliters who you are working a deal with for the presidency, as you stunned the sappers in the wires and vaporized the pipe dreams of people who con themselves into believing an American leader really cares about that the message your Hope Hicks crafted for you?

As the message was received, loud, clear and it sounds exactly like Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and everything Americans have been soul raped by for the past generation.

Mr. Trump, you put Corey Lewandowski's head on a platter to buy your enemy's assistance, at your children's counsel. Some might think that your employee Michael Caputo's nuts, along with 11 others belong on a platter, to prove now that you were who you said you were.

It makes no difference about willing sacrifices. It is about how the heavy lifters, the supporters all saw this and how the God Who knows all, sees all and judges all looks upon this.

God says that you have problems with Him now.

Coup des Corey

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