Monday, June 20, 2016

The Queen's Assassin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the good news that the Queen is sending assassins over to assassinate Donald Trump in Las Vegas by Michael Stevens Sanford, now we can get onto the Art of the Deal.

What do I mean?

Why we got one of the Queen's cloth of the land, so we offer up her assassin for that British Hero, Sir Thomas Mair. The Royals can have their murderer back and America can have a new immigrant, who knows how to garden, fashion his own firearms, and is single, so as to impregnate 50 ghetto wombs, in order to raise their ability to do more than vote for their own aborticides and genocides.

Now I am sure that the Queen in the White House, image Obama, could get his sodomite partner Cameron to stop having pig head sex, to get the Queen to ship over Sir Thomas for Soddy Mike.

So that is the deal for the Queen in the White House and the Queen in olde Buck.

Yes another Obama regime imported murderous terrorist, meant to do more harm to America, endangering her politics and putting into jeopardy her law enforcement.

Mr. Trump with so many problems, Muslim Queens, British Queens, Obama Queens and his Tierra and Little Lord Fauntlerboys, all giving him problems.

Free Sir Thomas!!!