Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cuckservative Hijack Under Way


You there, what do you think you are doing with those tits?
Harness them up because the Cuckservatives know how to use them. 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a head's up in things being tracked which the Lame Cherry noted sometime ago in how Ted Cruz was sent into to hijack the Sarah Palin Tea Party, which was drooled over by Karl Rove, until it was MKULTRA fagged out of existence, and now Ricky Vaughn is noting that National Review for the CIA has implemented a hijacking of the Alt Right movement.

So it is no surprise now that David Limbaugh has posted all over the internet a way to "harness" the movement all of us are a part of.

I will point out, who in their sane mind, looks at the freedom blossoming around the world in BREXIT and the Trump Campaign, LePen in France, and they think "How can we control this and direct it to our Big Brother use"?

Yes the same group that backed Ted Cruz, is behind the thought process now of applying more litmus tests to political movements in the EXACT terminology of Bill Buckley at National Review, whose main idea in life was the people were too stupid to live right, so it was up to the regime to direct funds to make people live like Bill Buckley patricians dictated.........for their own good.

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This is what is infiltrating in PJ Manafort or Manacourt or whatever that death trader is called. It is as the Lame Cherry reported why the donors are threatened to not donate, why the elite are trying to blackmail Donald Trump to pick some Jed Crush on the ticket, in order to put Mr. Trump down after he wins the election. It is all about these smarmy and slimy, Hillary Clinton types who could never win anything on their own, as people reject it, and have to tie themselves to a People's Movement by embedding themselves in it, and hijacking it.

That is the game now, and it is apparent by this cuckservative Limbaugh blathering this, that the insider discussion now is, they have been beat, so how like this Ashkenaz financier rapine of the world, can we marry into the respectable families and take control of the movement that way.

OK now you have been warned what the MOG's are up to and how they are already in place infiltrating all of this People's Revolution from the tyranny of the feudal few who fund this trash like David Limbaugh.

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