Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Being Pimped By Michael Reagan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I state this with all honesty and credulity. Those who contact me or who have ever donated, have never and will never receive spam from me or anyone else, because I do not put ads on this blog to track you, do not sell email lists and I do not make money sending out emails into people's accounts in order to gin up traffic or generate revenue that way.

That is why I block the major sites from my email accounts, due to things like most of us experienced in that Ted Cruz purchasing our "sign in emails" from Breitbart to assault us. I never sign up for emails if I can help it and that includes the American Spectator, which keeps emailing into my account, even when it has been moved to the junk file.

So tonight I clicked on the UNSUBSCRIBE and that is when something really interesting popped up in American Spectator is not making money off of mailing people, but it is REAGAN NEWSLETTER EMAILS.

It is of course the conclusion, that this is that little cuck prick Michael Reagan, who was unleashing all of that propaganda against Donald Trump and against each of us. You remember his final ultimatum in saying his dead adoptive daddy would not vote for Mr. Trump, because Michael Reagan is not voting for Mr. Trump.
It is just amazing that adoptive son Reagan, channels his old man, and just knows that Ronald Reagan would be joined with the people like Bush fam and Romney fam who sought to destroy Ronald Reagan, and have effectively hijacked the Reagan Revolution.............the very things all Americans are rejecting are the things that Michael Reagan is for.

To explain this, Michael  Reagan is a bottom feeder, a E Vampire. who sucks the life out of all of us by using each of us as a marketing block to exploit, profit off of, and manipulate. This is big business and it dovetails to the reality that Michael Reagan in his "Reagan email accounts" must be  marketing every person who is paying for that service.

Michael Reagan is absolutely no different than those globalists like Mark Zuckerberg who exploit every Facebook user, just like Jeff Bezos at Amazon does. Those cookies they set amaze me, as I ordered a few hot water  heater thermostats (that would be for homemade incubators and seed germinators) and for weeks I get nothing but ads from Amazon telling me about them on every site.........just like those who are on Amazon get non stop emails about things they simply looked up on that site.

At this moment, I loathe Michael Reagan for his betrayal of Ronald Reagan's America. I loathe him for his going over to the dark side with the other traitors. I loathe him for being an E Pimp, trying to whore every single one of us, because Michael Reagan owns a "newsletter service" that spams all of us.
Seriously this man feeds off his dead father's corpse. This man has a great income, his bills paid, is set up for retirement in his family is taken care of, and it is not enough. No, Michael Reagan has to be an internet marketer lurking around behind the scenes selling service contracts to Conservative sites apparently and gathering up all of our emails.

Of all the kids Ronald Reagan and Jayne Wyman could have adopted, they got stuck with this cuck. Hell they could not have done worse if they had got Virginia Kelley's little bastard.

I loathe the feeding off humanity's trust that Michael Reagan is.