Saturday, June 11, 2016

December 20th, 1968

Elaan of Troyius - Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki

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I have not been able to write anything for me for so very long. I was pondering about how thrilling it would be to go back and watch an original Star Trek episode when it first aired on network television. I thought about Elaan of Troyius on Friday, December 20th, 1968.

I was thinking about that time, and how it would be to watch this on NBC, if I could find a color television, and have the peacock broadcast it in living color.

There was a massive Arctic outbreak around the 14th, and snow started before Christmas in some below zero temperatures.

December 20th.

I wonder what commercials were on.

The High Chaparral would start out the evening and Star Trek would end the evening. Vietnam in the war was just as scary thing so far away, and Richard Nixon was President Elect.

It will not mean anything to you, but it would be the last of many lasts for some people, as other times were the same last for you.

I wonder if the temptation to change things would overcome me or if I would be like a Christmas tale peeking in the window to see things in all the sadness which was there.

John Steinbeck would die. The Zodiak Killer would strike in California.

To know what the future is, in how precious and helpless it would be. To know what was coming. To view what was. To watch what was more than on a console television.

To make a man of a bully, instead of killing him. Is it possible to terrify a lout to perform their duty, but what of Lazarus, would life destroy this blog and would you be adrift now as a leaf in the wind.