Saturday, June 11, 2016

Clinton Cliche'

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading a Boston Globe article, which boiled down to with all of Hillary Clinton's problems, what she had as a positive was that 50% of Americans approved of image Obama.

The Lame Cherry would point out that 50% favorable, means 50% hate Obama, so starting out with a half empty canteen across the desert is not exactly a good place to start a trek.

If you read history, since the 1952, no member of a former regime has been elected President, coming out of that regime, from Richard Nixon to Al Gore, and those that did in Lyndon Johnson on guilt of John Kennedy and HW Bush on Reagan glory, both were forced out of office after being installed.
Americans are astute in not eating their vomit a third time.

In matter anti matter exclusives though in forensic psychology, something does have to be explained about Hamrod Clinton and Birther Hussein, which is being missed.

Barack Obama or the image has never had 50% positives. Any positives the Obama have ever had were America racists patting themselves on their backs for installing a Negro designed to their prejudices.
That is where the Boston Globe writer and Hillary Clinton fails to comprehend any of this, in Obama's numbers now are people lying to themselves and people who do not want to admit to pollsters that they are racists and are calling Obama a Nigger every breath they take.

In reverse speech by David John Oates, I have heard more Nigger references from famous people than in the past thirty years. Everyone is a racist now under their breath, and a 50% Obama rating is that group who are afraid of admitting they hate Niggers by experience now, and that includes blacks, and the group who does not want to admit that voting for Obama was a huge mistake on their part.

So for Hillary Clinton to build her campaign on this foundation, she will find the shifting sands will be so unsteady that she will be swallowed up in the quick.

Mrs. Clinton though does have two voting bases, which have been frazzled by the abuse of image Obama.

The campaign has two things going for her, or what she is trying to beat to life for a 3rd Obama term:

1. Angry women looking for Donald Trump to hate, for not being born Bruce Jenner.
2. Servantile males  and females who con themselves into ignoring their sins, because they are more caring about perversions like sodomy and child rape.

Shrews and pansies, do not make a steady voting base, as they can be cowed, discouraged and worn out in absolutely a moment's notice. Ted Cruz proved that hating Donald Trump gets you beat by lying you are morally superior. Hillary Clinton has the same albatross around her and Huma's neck.

If one bothers to look at Hillary Clinton's Twitter site, it is like watching a toothless geezer eat oatmeal and tell jokes from 1950 which were stupid then. There is no humor in Mrs. Clinton, but she sounds tired, robotic and cliche, which she is.
Hillary Clinton is an old woman, a physically sick woman, whose ambition is not to be President, but to get the Presidency as she thinks that is going to make up for her being what she is, a crabby female who made nothing but bad choices in her life, after she left the Goldwater campaign in defeat.

In 1984, Bill Clinton assembled a cast of fanatics and zealots in James Carville, Paul Begala and George Stephanopolous. This staff worked 18 hours a day, but in 2016 they are missing, because they are old.
All Mrs.  Clinton has is Sydney Blumenthal who is just nasty, Huma Wiener who does not understand America nor has any love for Americans, and the aging John  Podesta, who is still a firebrand, but when Podesta is having the life force sucked out of him by the Hillary fangs of all these elderly and ghoul feeders, you get this Cliche Clinton, which the young feminists just laugh at for how dated they are, and the Bernie supporters who know Obama screwed them over, and they are terrified of the cut throat criminal Hillary Clinton is.

One can rule with fear, but you sure as hell can not get elected on it.

- Lame Cherry

I will provide an example of how out of date Hillary Clinton is. Hillary had an add for President Donald Trump....yes portraying him with Hail to the Chief and President, putting that into people's minds to vote.
Then the script was Donald Trump saying that pregnacy was bad for business.

Hillary thinks that is a gotcha, because her gray pubic hair crowd gets curly over that. The problem is though it is FACT and everyone knows it. So Hillary is attacking Donald Trump on FACT.
This is compounded because there is not a young feminist in working America, who has not had to raise their brat siblings at home when Mummy is out, or all of those young feminists who get tagged at 3 o'clock on Friday to stay late, because Mrs. Clinton just had to go home and breast feed 14 year old Chelsea,  who was upset another lesbian did not notice Chelsea brushed her teeth that morning.

Working women, career women, young women, have gotten screwed over by this Hillary baby bearing generation. These young feminists get hired part time, get sexually stalked, get fired, and there comes Hillary with her Huma taking the job, and getting all the credit for the work these young women put in, in overtime.......and babysitting some fellow employees kid at work, because his old lady has the high paying job, and day care is off, so why the hell not dump the ethnic kid on the career woman, as it is in her genes to babysit as it is on her masters degree.

That is what Hillary Clinton is vacuous on. Her voting block is in guilt over Obama, is depressed over their utopia policies have made things worse. are worn out emotionally, and here comes Hillary with a stick, beating them to get up and pull that plough another league for her. That is abuse and Hillary Clinton is a voter abuser, the way Bill Clinton used to abuse women.

Bill Clinton is old and looks like he is dying. His magic is gone. When you look at the Clintons you think of which one is going to die first, and then one starts cringing about not wanting to go through a state funeral for weeks, as America has the stench of death from 8 years of Obama. Americans just want to feel good, and not suffer some more or listen to Hillary Clinton snarl about Donald Trump. Not even Bernie Sanders giving candy to the children to bribe them to get them to do things they would never do, is has been a remedy, as the American left is sick to diabetic death on the Obama sweets.

So that is the Clinton Cliche, as that is what Hillary Clinton is. Once again the only complete analysis of anything, and only found in the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter.

We all know Hillary Clinton is dead politically. That makes us sad she is dying, but the thing that scares us is that we are going to be stuck burying her in the White House.

- Lame Cherry