Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Defending Dead Sinners

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was wondering what a great marketing idea shooting people is, after listening to Sean Homo Hannity beat up on an Imam today.

I was though thinking how piles of sodomites dead suddenly  becomes more of this Blazestreaming, in you just add some DOA queers and I bet you could convince people to let dirty old pervs to legally molest children.
Sure that is coming down the pike, but I swear, you lather up an issue with dead queers, and you do not have to debate any more or talk, as in America, DOA queers wins everything.

Well except eternal life as God sends homosexuals to hell.

It was just listening to Sean Homo Hannity go on again with Robert Spencer and Pam Gellar, with queer this and queer that. About lecturing that Imam from Colorado, from Syria, about men telling women what to wear was repression.........

Apparently Homo Hannity never heard of the Amish or Hutterites in making them women all dress up like Betsy Ross.

That is ok, as this was about murder in the Mideast in throwing them gays off buildings.........

Ah if it is against the law in Saudi Arabia to be queer, and the courts find the queer guilty, like God did in the Bible for  thousands of years, then tossing queers off a building in Saudi Arabia is kosher, as much as some Israelite stoning them to death.

Just because America has made the scent of feces on penis legal, does not mean God in Heaven handed it down from the Mount.

Nor does it make it Right wing America, just because this Streamer Milo shows up now saying that mainstreaming Muslims is something that won't fly.

Milo Yianopoulos: MAINSTREAM Islam Is The Problem ...

Milo Yianopoulos: MAINSTREAM Islam Is The Problem. ... "In the wake of the tragic shooting at a club in Orlando this weekend, Milo Yiannopoulos says Islam, ...

In checking the Bible, taking up as a sodomite gets you fire and brimstone. Same Bible says taking up with a religion which denies God's plan of Salvation in Christ, gets you in hell.

Thing is that same Bible, even says that Sean Hannity being a false teacher in leading the people astray gets stoned. Is all legal too, in leading them out the city gate, city elders, and lots of rocks.

I was watching this Cossack movie though, in they were burying Poles alive. I have to think about that, but in a Green age, the idea of having a culprit dig their own hole, tossing them in the hole, shoveling dirt on them, which would suffocate them, seems more humane than crushing heads with rocks.
I figure the rocks would hurt, and they are hell to throw, and there is never any refreshments mentioned afterwards, so I think them Cossack's had it pretty near perfect in you have to bury the body anyway, so let the grave be the executioner. Suffocating don't hurt. Just uncomfortable for the 30 seconds til you pass out.

Like this Omar Mateen. Think if he hauled them 49 sodomites out to some orange orchard, and made them queers dig graves, and buried the whole works. If they could pass a law in Florida making it legal, for one gay to bury another gay........well besides the dick up the butt, you would get the killing down legal and fertilize them orange trees for a nice breakfast drink.

Now no one ever had anything against a nice big orange, as everyone loves big oranges.

I do realize that there is less drama in burying sodomites, but I am sure that Sean Hannity can get God on the phone and knock Him around for awhile too, for laying down those apparel laws in the Bible, those sex laws, and all those laws meant to protect people from self destruction.

Odd thing about that in God being right in Orlando Florida. God said don't deny Jesus, don't be a homosexual, don't be out being lewd or bad things happen. Well bad things happened and now the cartel in Mockingbird is Blazestreaming this pedophile platform again in sinners who got themselves into trouble and sinners trying to lead people astray are acting like they are speaking for all of us out here, and God is just ignored.

That is the thing in this propaganda operation, in the thing about Islam that make it wrong, is the same thing that makes sodomy wrong, in they both disregard Jesus.

I warned you about Blazestreaming for the agenda of getting you to take the homosexual's part in this debate, so the cartel can rape children legally. Do not fall into the trap. You stay with the Fulfillment of the Law in Jesus the Christ in obeying it. That is your foundation, not Sean Hannity, not Hillary Clinton, not image Obama, not Islam, not sodomy.

Sean Hannity wants to advocate for sodomy, that is his choice and it will have him appear before Jesus Judgment.

All of you extract yourselves from this debate, as there is no debate. There is only the reality that sex perverts are an abomination to God and false religions denying Christ are an apostasy.

I did hear Sean Hannity spouting off about being a conservative and the only standing up for gay rights or something like that bastardized from the talking points in this blog. He has the curse on him like all the non donors, like all those who thought they could roll around in sodomy and Islam and not have it destroy them.

None of this sodomite or Muhammadite ilk speaks for me nor for God. Their's is the way of death and making it your sermon brings that same murderous satanic death with it as God has no part in any of it.

Time to go spit some blood from that wisdom tooth extraction.