Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Terrorism by the Numbers

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Channel 9 found out that 202 rounds were fired during the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting Sunday, a law enforcement source said. That includes the gun battle between Omar Mateen and law enforcement, the source said.

Outstanding breakdown in this:

49 dead

53 wounded

1 SWAT kevlar helmet killed

103 hits on moving targets. This would factor out to multiple hits on certain targets, but to include a high pressure gun battle, the ratio is in the 50% hit ratio which Omar Mateen recorded. That is incredible shooting by police standards in their spray and pray, and has outstripped all other Islamic terrorists combined.


Anders Behring Breivik speaks with one of his lawyers in court during ...

Andres Breivik  in open arena did approach these like numbers, and while the reports vary, the UK press reported that 121 pistol shots and 136 rifle shots for 77 dead, including 8 from an explosive device.
So for 257 rounds fired, Breivik did well at greater distances, and did accumulate a higher kill number, but it required 55 rounds more to notch the 28 higher count.
Breivik injured 209 in the explosives detonation, with only 8 dead, to tally greater totals, but less effect for 26% kills, but when one factors in wounded of 110, Andres Breiviks ratio is a phenomenal 69% ratio. 

Breivik verdict: Norwegian extremist declared sane and ...

... Norwegian extremist declared sane and sentenced to 21 years ... Breivik fired 121 shots with his pistol and 136 ... Anders Behring Breivik spent years training ...

These statistics appear to mirror the ceiling of the successful societal retaliator. Distractions are a factor, along the unfamiliarity of firing upon humans, which reduce marksmanship. It is noted that a trained marksman with large clip, could in confinement without counter measures directed against the shooter, produce in optimal conditions the above numbers in 90 seconds.
Breivik's extended time was due to necessary pursuit of targets and Mateen produced a more expedient ration as the homosexual targets stampeded and were crushing each other being herded up.

It should be factored in that Orlando police may have padded Mateen's numbers, in killing hostages in their spray and pray fire.

Greater accuracy will be achieved in a long arm, rather than a pistol. Indoor shooting will provide greater accuracy than outdoor accuracy in most cases. Concentration and regulation is a definite factor.

To note that a KIA and WIA ratio of 50 to 70 percent is astounding, for those without military training, new situation and location.

In review of this, liberals tend to be so much mutton, which assists the societal retaliator, perfect their intent. Colleges, sodomite bars, liberal gatherings and government employment situations, have proven the most effective attack zones.
Malls, movie theaters and Churches are less effective venues as Conservatives who engage in military, hunting etc... activities are more instinctively survival prone.

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