Thursday, June 2, 2016

DOA Paul Ryan

Foreign agent image Obama and traitor Paul Ryan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Paul Nehlen Blasts Speaker Ryan as Obama's 'Primary Enabler ...

Paul Ryan challenger Paul Nehlen blasted Speaker Ryan on Breitbart News Daily Wednesday, saying Ryan enables Obama and Hillary Clinton.

I sincerely hope that the voters in Wisconsin are not going to fall for this "save your ass Paul Ryan" now coming out in support of Donald Trump, after being a blackmailing stooge for Big Koch and engaged with Reinse Priebus and Ted Cruz in menacing Wisconsin voters.


Ryan only is backing Mr. Trump now, because he is behind in the polls and about to be primaried. This liberal ass Paul Ryan can not be trusted. He knifed John Boehner in the back for the House and he tried to knife Donald Trump. Give this Paul Ryan butt humper any daylight and he will be like Dennis Hastert in screwing all of us over for the next 4 years in stymieing President Trump on this invasion, border security and protecting American workers.

Seriously, what Paul Ryan has been engaged in is criminal looting of the US Treasury with Obama, and Ryan needs to be investigated and indicted by Attorney General Chris Christie and sent to Leavenworth for 20 years to life.

Paul Ryan is a traitor. Paul Ryan is an assassin conspirator against Donald Trump, according to Reverse Speech. Paul Ryan is the Judas Goat, Benedict Arnold and smarmy Obama and Cruz all rolled into're a slimy covered octopus, with termites in your soul, Mr. Grinch.........and when all is said and done, Paul Ryan in Criminal Courts needs to be tried for Treason and Crimes against the American People, and when found guilty, hung by that Court by the neck until dead.

Let us not be fooled, any of us. When it counted, Paul Ryan sold out America and betrayed all Americans. He is a traitor to America and trusting this pervert politician is like trusting your little boy with Dennis Hastert for the afternoon, as you will regret having this treacherous crocodile around.


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