Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Eve of Destruction

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton needs the Foreign Policy for Dummies 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Hillary Clinton is about to attack President Election Donald Trump on foreign policy. Before this starts, it would be appropriate to review the world that Hillary Clinton birthed.

Clinton to attack Trump on foreign policy
WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Clinton is set to unleash a major foreign policy attack on Donald Trump, using a speech in San Diego to cast the Republican as unqualified and dangerous. The former...

Hydrogen Bomb Nuclear arming of Iran Islamic terrorists

Hydrogen Bomb Nuclear arming of North Korean Marxism

Mrs. Clinton calling for the shooting down of Russian jets in Syria

Placing US troops on Russian borders to threaten Mr. Putin.

Nuclear submarines from Russia on the American east coast

Nuclear sumbarines from China on the American west coast.

Importing several hundred thousand Muslim and Latin terrorists to America.

The murder of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon for the Clinton Foundation donors.

Libya a terror state.

Iraq a terror state.
Religicide of Christians across the globe.
Afghanistan a Taliban terror state again.

Yemen a terror state.

Muslim rape across Europe.

Muslim terror across America.

South America in complete meltdown causing a Latin invasion of the United States.

Africa in complete meltdown causing a 30 million Negroid invasion of Europe.

The world now poised for nuclear, biologicial, chemical and robotic World War IV.

Hillary Rodham Clinton can give speeches, in the history of her 3 AM call, her Russian rest button, and if we reach back to her Co Presidency with Bill Clinton which placed a Muslim terror state in Kosovo in Europe, almost started a world war in Kosovo with Russia, brought the Muslim militants from Afghanistan into the West, and caused 9 11, about how dangerous President Elect Donald Trump is in advocating:

America First

Allies pay for their own defense

Not starting a war with Vladimir Putin

Not starting a war with China

Securing American borders to stop terrorism and civil war

But compared to the murderous reality of Hillary Clinton in her foreign policy leadership for over a dozen years, it is the reality that she is the threat, as hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered due to Clinton and Obama policy, which now has the world poised from Ronald Reagan nuclear stand down, to Obama Clinton nuclear arming of the world.

Under Hillary Clinton, America was not put into a Cold War of one front, but an Earth Tundra of absolute Nuclear Permafrost of North Korea, China,  Russia,  Iran and terrorists now deploying nuclear weapons against America.

Hillary Clinton's real name is Eve of Destruction and her foreign policy is The Walking Dead.

- Lame Cherry