Thursday, June 9, 2016

Donald Trump: Bridge to the First Female President

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that Donald Trump has been awarded such an avalanche of delegates for the Republican Nomination, that even the deranged will have to face the ballot on the wall, there arises in this solitude of the moment, the discussion of an observation of the Lame Cherry.

But first, I know who the Vice President will be according to the matrix in inquiry for the Trump ticket, but I am not going to reveal it, in disturbing the time line, as I have by God's Grace employed previously.
Denying Jeb Bush the nomination. Denying the void filler of Ted Cruz the nomination and banishing this foreigner to  political oblivion.

What fascinates me in polling from Sean Homo Hannity featuring the fat establishment pony, Newt Gingrich, to Jan Brewer barely getting a mention in another poll, to Jeff Rense only considering men, who are fine men in Ben Carson and Jeff Sessions, the reality is that in the year of crooked Clinton, the lesbian, the obvious choice should be a right wing Lady to offset the leftist hag.

Prejudice and bias are remarkable things, because for all the chorus of the Amazon Vaginals leading the lynching of Corey Lewandowski, over the fraud Michelle Fields scam, that none of these paid females of the conglomerates have bothered to raise a chorus or talking point for a female Vice President.
Understand when you have lezbo Huma and Hillary, hogging the spotlight to rid all other women from the stage, as Obama lynched blacks, and Bernie Sanders being a vaginal free zone, it is bizarre that even the right wing women are falling into the same bias and prejudice for a male Vice President in the GOP, when Donald Trump has shown that all through his career, he as hired women in power positions, and his two media controls in Hope Hicks and Katrina Pierson, that Donald Trump is the only person in this 2016 election season who has any consideration for women.

The GOP has a long list of prominent and powerful women. Susan Collins of Maine, Sarah Palin of Alaska, Cathy Rogers of Washington, Jamie Beutler of Washington, Jan Brewer of Arizona, are just to name a myriad of the political few. Yet in almost every poll or discussion it comes down to only men and that should not me.

I am the greatest thing from a feminist. I loathe the description as all the women I knew growing up, were worked to death or crippled to their retirement, as agrarian women never had the luxury of deciding on a job, or college, or life. America has always been a place from it's founding that women were worked like mules and it was only this 19th century woman's suffrage nonsense was given place due to industrial wealth in America, provided by the forced labor of women and children, to provide a whiner class something to complain about, that the world became this leftist rebellion of women having  too much time on their hands and had to start thinking about being fulfilled.
Then rose the cry for being like men, which now has them spayed by Obama to die like men in wars. Sadly all feminists failed at being women, like all lesbians, and in their new usurped roles, they fail at being men too.

Politcally that is what began the destruction of America, in women voting for compassion, instead of making people earn their way or die. Most women are incapable in the upper classes of making decisions or holding power. Hillary Clinton being a perfect example of this.

That is why the rare Margaret Thatcher is the epitome of all to emulate, whether male or female, because as Barack Hussein Obama proved, the Presidency can not transform all men to be leaders, no more than a tampon can transform a woman to being a leader.

The paid women of the GOP are much like Obama in not wanting any more women around the structure to compete with. Michelle Malkin to Laura Ingraham, have been absolutely silent on advocating for women. It harkens back to the Obama political rape of Sarah Palin which Bush fam held Mrs. Palin down for, and all of the other Tea Party women of that age in destroying them politically. How much better would the GOP be with Senators Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell, than the Harry Reid America is stuck with.

I do not believe in affirmative action for any race, creed or color or gender. There has been far too much of that to the demise of America. I am though an advocate for the best candidate for the position. I am for not being prejudiced and biased against women, just because women do not want to share the stage and men are terrified of strong women.

Donald Trump is going to be the first suffrage President in America, or a feminist President in modern terms, because Donald Trump promotes women. Like Bill Clinton was the first black President, Donald Trump will be the first suffrage leader who will pave the way for the first female President. That is the reality in this.
I have observed his protege' in Ivanka Trump, and this child operates like 90 year old Henry Kissinger in diplomatic discourse. She learned that from Donald and Ivana Trump, and it goes back to Fred and Mary Trump, her grandparents. Leadership is what is in the Trump family, and it is strength. A strength which emulates for self confidence, so there is never any intimidation in race, creed, color or gender, so they naturally pick the best and groom them.

I mention Hope Hicks in a young woman, accessed by Ivanka Trump, groomed by her, and in a few years, Donald Trump accessed this talent to handle the press communications for him, under 30 years old.

I am certain that Donald Trump will be led to the correct choice for Vice President. I await to witness in monitoring the matrix to see the results in this study of this ever living current of humanity.

It does no nation any good to forget the female gender, just because a foreign Asian  African male in Birther Obama left America in utter ruin, and everyone immediately starts in panic, thinking male Vice President. If you look at the democratic campaigns, they are almost entirely failed pasty while males on the staffs. They are in a psychological panic in knowing the democratic party is sunk.

Let us examine the entire field of Republicans in our polls and consideration. Donald Trump is American male enough to make America great again in God's Grace, and is attracting both the male and female Americans who are drawn to powerful males and not afraid of that quality nor trying to destroy it.
With that settled, then let us think as Donald Trump assesses all of this, in who will best for Vice President, without excluding any American on the right.

I know all of the candidates on the Trump short list as I inquired and one person squirming in their chair gave away their tax records were being reviewed as they were on that list, as they were so delighted to be considered. I will not disrupt the timeline though in revealing it, unless it is to deal with a Newt Gingrich who is not for this time line.

We need to view the complete picture for the Vice President and stop allowing our fears and prejudices prevail in making the lesser choice.

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