Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton The Bad Omen

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am a firm believer in bad omens, because bad things happening, means the Holy Angels are not there and the demons are prevailing.

That is why all of the Obama bad omens mean something. That is why when Carly Fiorina had a stage fall on her and her falling off a stage, was the spiritual world manifesting.

Stage Curtain Collapses During Carly Fiorina Event Video ...

... Kittens Relax and Play at Los Angeles Cat Rescue; ... Hillary Clinton Evokes Bill's ... "Stage Curtain Collapses During Carly Fiorina Event ...

Carly Fiorina falls off stage at Ted Cruz rally - Yahoo

While introducing Ted Cruz at a rally in Indiana on Sunday night, Carly Fiorina appeared to slip off the stage — a spill that sparked a debate over ...

So it is a matter of interest and note, when Hillary Clinton has a stage she is on collapse at the end of her speech. Once again it is an omen of what is coming for this most evil woman.

Podium Collapses At End Of Clinton Speech In Culver City

... West Los Angeles ... Hillary Clinton didn't quite bring the house down, but a podium did collapse at the end of her speech at West Los ...

In searching for this story, it would seem that the America Spirits of 76 have not been silent, any more than they have been against Obama, for this is not the first disaster on stage for Hillary Clinton, as she seems to be a walking fallout zone.

American Flags Collapse On Hillary Clinton - YouTube

American Flags Collapse On Hillary Clinton. Category News & Politics; License Standard YouTube License; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When ...

Those are omens, and those signs portend to an approaching end to Hillary Clinton, and to America herself, if Americans attach themselves to this dark sign of Clinton or allow themselves to be tied to the reckoning America will face from God over false messiah Obama.

The Democratic party is in a collapse. Hillary Clinton is a walking felon. Bernie Sanders is probably a walking toe tag. Joe Biden is walking insanity and Elizabeth Warren is......a walking, talking liar manufacturing an ethnic past like Obama to get free things from the regime.

Seriously, the Super Delegates of the DNC need to meet and sort this out, at the risk of their lives. I am not going to vote Democrat as I am a Conservative Christian, but I would suggest a winning  ticket, where California Senator Diane Feinstein would be chosen as the Democratic Nominee, with Senator Chuck Schumer of New York as Vice President, with Bernie Sanders allowed to be the queen and king maker, and serves as Secretary of State.

This would rid the Democrats of that scent of Obama, the stench of Clinton, the problem of Bernie, and give the DNC a ticket which the American left would unite of FBI indictments and concerns about toe tags on Bernie or Hillary at a 3 AM call.

Hillary Clinton by the omens is going down. The answer is not Obama blood on their hands intrigue over Clinton, with stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders for Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

The answer the Super Delegates with Sanders delegates drafting a Feinstein Schumer ticket to save the Democratic Party.