Saturday, June 4, 2016

The First American Terror Muslim

Terrorism of one Black Muslim over one Black Man

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I am going to preface this not as a defense, but a reality that people can appreciate qualities in others, and still lament all they are.

Muhammed Ali was a boxer. There is a difference between a boxer and a cage fighter. Cassius Clay was never in a fight in a life, because he was too intelligent of a fighter to be cornered into a fight.

He had remarkable speed, skills  and stamina. He was pleasure to watch in performance, and was a psychological practitioner in getting into people's heads in the ring.

He was also a racist and also America's first Muslim terrorist.

The pleasant thing about Cassius Clay, is that he was not a complete pathological liar like Michelle Obama.


No Michelle Obama, you wake up in an America built by Christian Americans, whom you despise in your racial failures.

Mr. Clay was right, as his career was about beating people up for money, and that money meant Angelo Dundee, crafting his boxer and designing matches where Ali was going to win.

There were great boxers in the Ali era, of George Forman and Joe Frasier. Ali spent most of his time in the ring with Ken Norton, who was just.......well a paycheck.

Ali wanted one thing and that was to win fights and lose other fights all to build a "winning title back" for records. That is what the set up was in Leon Spinks who could not fight, but an old fat Ali handed the crown over to him, to get it it never happened.

In a Boston fight, against an unknown White man, the Caucasian floored Ali for the first time his career, and then out came the racism of Ali who abused this man who should never have been in the  ring, except it was as payday. That is Ali racism in playing whites.

Ali's terrorism came in his title fight, where in his corner he had the Muslim Bros chanting, and terrorizing Sonny Liston, who knew they were crazy, and it was better for him to just dive to the mat, lay there and let Ali taunt him in that famous picture, because Liston did not want to end up dead......that is Muslim terrorism.

So this Cassius Clay, the convert to Black Mooselum, is what he is. He was adept in his field, against hand picked boxers.......but when he tried to spar with Gorilla Monsoon, a fake wrestler, Ali almost got his ass handed to him, and had to run from the ring, as it revealed what a big Caucasian could  do to a little Black man.

We now though have a world of Ali Islam. They shout terror things on passenger flights.

They chase Donald Trump supporters down in  the streets in White Nigger Tackling.

Black Muslim Chases, Tackles White Trump Supporter...

Brags on TWITTER...

I am repulsed by Muhammed Ali's America, as it is image Obama's Amerika, a place of terrorism, racism,  taunting and a 3rd world slum.

There never once was a repudiation nor a rejection from Muhammed Ali concerning Islamic terrorism or Barack Hussein Obama. He was fine at promoting Black Islam, but was deathly silent when it came to protecting White America.

ISIS threatens terror attacks in USA, Europe this month...

American Embassy Warning S Africa...

'Homeland' Transporting Illegals FROM Border...

Releasing Vanloads INTO USA...

In the end, I will believe the Bible that he who denies Christ will be denied in Heaven. So there is no paradise for Cassius Clay, and he has gone the way of Muhammed and every Muslim to Sheol. He was just another wasted life among billions. He managed the sports arena well enough for his moments in the profitable sun, but like Prince is left with a Jehovah's Witness legacy of the ghoul family members dividing up his bones for their share of the inheritance.

Muhammed Ali was likeable. That was his biggest fault, except when his racism, terrorism and Islamism came out against America in refusing to serve in the US military as Elvis Presley did.

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