Monday, June 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton Raped Her Way To The Top

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In forensic psychology, there is a question of what kind of female attaches herself to a violently sexual man like Bill Clinton, and then what part Hillary Clinton played in the rapes of these women?

Hillary Clinton has always been the Rockefeller Republican minder of Bill Clinton. It is evidenced and proofed by the fact that everyone from Bill Kristol, National Review to Ted Cruz is working to elect her over Donald Trump.
For Mrs. Clinton's part though, one must put yourself into the mind of Bill Clinton, the little fatherless boy, who found out from his call girl Mum, that the only validation he could ever find in life was having his cock accepted and conquering women.

Think of a marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton, in she was the financial link and Bill was the political link. What kind of world is that, where your intellectual guide in Hillary, was forever going PMS in blasting lamps off your head, castrating you vocally and making your life hell............what would a man having his manhood always questioned, forced to be a man with mistresses, do but lash out at other women, to get back at the tormentor at home?

The obvious is attacking every woman who came along, to build a fortress of females to protect the little boy William Clinton from his Mummy Tormentor.

The upcoming expose' by a Secret Service agent, shows the Clinton White House for what it was. Bill Clinton was juggling at the time that the Paula Jones case was about to impeach him, the daughter of Vice President Walter Mondale, Monica Lewinsky and another female employee of the White House, who was leaving semen soiled towels for the Navy to cover up and for the Secret Service to dispose of off the White House grounds.

The Secret Service was literally having action meetings in how to protect Bill Clinton from Hillary Clinton in her violent explosions of rage.

There are those who like to blame Bill Clinton, which is rightly so for his rape of women. There are those now who will seek to expose Hillary Clinton for the shrew she is, but what is the real scope of Hillary Clinton?

We know Mrs. Clinton was content for Bill to be with other women, so she would not have to be, as she preferred lesbians. None of the Bill Clinton infidelities were that extreme of an issue in public, so why the rage from Hillary Clinton?
In forensic psychology, Hillary Clinton does not prefer women as much as she hates men. She feeds off of hating men, and her greatest pleasure was drama, where she would inflict upon the psyche of her damaged husband, trigger him to react in seeking validation with other conquests, and then Hillary Clinton would rage....................and what would be the return?

Bill Clinton would submit to more control being handed over to Hillary Clinton.

The fact is Hillary Clinton used sex to sleep her way to the top. The reality is though that Hillary Clinton used other women as bargaining chips as she triggered her husband Bill to acts of rage and conquest to try and deal with her psychological rape of this husband.

That is the real Hillary Clinton, she raped her way to the top, by manipulating her husband to infidelities that she could exploit to gain power.

That reality is more disturbing than what has yet been revealed by the Secret Service.