Thursday, June 16, 2016

I, Hamrodicus

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

History has recorded of the heroic efforts of First Lady Hillary Clinton, the co President of the United States with her husband, Bill, in bringing forth Universal Healthcare for all Americans.
Hillary Rodham Clinton, being stalemated in that first attempt, watched as Barack Hussein Obama attempted to re create the Clinton new covenant for America, but Mr. Obama instead birthed a document fraught with failures which could not survive.

Fortunately for America, Hillary Clinton was returned to the White House, by a grateful America who remembered the Clinton's past successes, and with this President Clinton put forth a solution in relieving Americans from Obamacare, and providing them Universal Healthcare which is for all, in the Hillarycare covenant with America.

For those who do not have any idea what the future holds, if Hillary Clinton is allowed into the White House, the history is all going to be rewritten in Barack Obama will be blamed for all with the GOP, and it will be Hillary Clinton as the grand savior of the world.

The Obama legacy will be one of failures and the Clinton legacy will be one of success. This is why the Obama regime has been sabotaging Mrs. Clinton, promoting Bernie Sanders to weaken Mrs. Clinton, and to bring the candidate forward who has always been intended, in Joe Biden as President to protect the Obama legacy.

This is the macabre intrigue of the democratic party. Whoever succeeds, and if they prevail in the White House, will go scorched earth on the other factions. Interestingly Donald Trump is the only cover for the Sanders and Clinton factions from destroying each other for Obama despotism in Biden.